Dinafem Review

Dinafem Review

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Dinafem’s extensive range of carefully bred feminized marijuana seeds are of the highest quality, and are favoured as the seeds of first choice by many enthusiasts. Dinafem’s cannabis seeds are assured as being always fresh. The seeds that arrive at your house have been kept in controlled and optimal environmental conditions, taking care to maintain ideal humidity and temperature, thus preventing problems and increasing the germination rates.

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  1. Following a successful trail year our company is now pleasantly delighted to deliver: Biddy’s Sister. A 1/2 sibling to the already renowned and praised Biddy Early, but due to the short stature which she got from her Indica dominant dad, more advantageous with an indoor S.O.G. approach of horticulture. However, when grown accompanied by a long vegetative time period or outdoors, excellent hybrid vigour guarantees she’ll not stay little whatsoever regardless of the limited stretch in flowering. When planted early May she could turn into a giant bush having a height as much as 2.5 meters & lateral branching that may possibly reach nearly as high as the primary stalk. The primary stalk is massive enough to be suitable of the phrase trunk, but alas the branches are fairly brittle and may very easily tear at the nodes whenever subjected to strong winds, particularly when they carry hefty buds later on during the season. This will almost certainly stop being any kind of issue when growing from a location where it’s simple to provide extra support just like a inside a back-yard, however for guerrilla farmers this can be a tad problematic. She will establish a robust but pleasantly sweet odor at the outset of life, so anticipate to enjoy that aspect prior to flowering. Some of the sweet taste can occur through in the taste in addition, but is reigned over by an extremely minty flavour, somewhat comparable to high caliber blonde Moroccan hashish. The effect can be labeled as pleasant body comforting stone, powerful enough, however, not devastating strong.

  2. Created with an apollo 13 dominant mother crossed to our selected breeding JTR male this was a side project of Jacks Cleaner 2 as the same male plant was used to create both. Exceptionally potent plants that ooze with resin and need support due to abundant heavy blooms.