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disney blue seeds

A: Common Seed
B: Rare Seed

Here’s a list I put together in my Item Guide on the FAQ tab. I didn’t include the hints or information on what to use, though.

If you need to know what plants to use to produce each of the above seeds, I can modify the list to include that info and repost it.

(1) Spooky Pumpkin
(2) Royal Milkberry
(3) Golden Apple
(4) Zapshroom
(5) Blazing Hibiscus
(6) Solar Sunflower
(7) Icy Crocus
(8) Jet Black Rose
(9) Royal Rose
(10) Spooky Carrot
(11) Starfall Radish
(12) Royal Radish

This way, you only use one rare seed but use four common seeds and can get up to five special seeds at once.

For example, for Spooky Carrot, Carrot Seeds are really common. Winter Carrot Seeds aren’t quite as common. If you plant like the below, you can increase your chances of getting more Spooky Carrot Seeds while not needing to use as many Winter Carrot Seeds. You can also leave the Winter Carrot plant planted and just harvest the Carrot plants then plant more Carrot Seeds to keep getting more Spooky Carrot Seeds with little effort.

OK, here’s a list with what to use. I’ll just put the hints and seeds to use in spoiler tags this time.

You’ll notice that some combinations use some really common seeds along with really rare seeds. You can increase your chances of getting special seeds and minimize your use of rare seeds by planting seeds using the below pattern.

Just plant the two seeds I specify in the parentheses next to each other in Rabbit’s Garden. When you harvest one or both plants, you should get at least one special seed. For example, to get Spooky Carrot, plant a Carrot Seed next to a Winter Carrot Seed. When you harvest the plants, you should get at least one Spooky Carrot Seed. Plant that seed to get a Spooky Carrot.

Fishing (I just keep getting the same seeds over and over and have planted all the ones I get.
#87. Seed Name: ? Where to find: Atlantica

I have 4 more seeds to find that will complete the full 102 seeds to be harvested. When I scroll through the list it only gives me the "world" on where to find them and how to get them. However I have done literally everything to try to get these seeds and nothing. Here are the hints that they give me:

#48. Seed Name: ? Where to find: Atlantica

Atlantica City
#58. Seed Name: ? Where to find: Combining

Can anyone offer any advice on how to find the remaining four seeds that i need? Even the names of the seeds would be very helpful. The Zapshroom is the one that I need to mix the red and blue, I have planted them together, planted many at the same time, planted them with the Seeds of Bounty and Seeds of Sprouting and still nothing. As of right now my collection is at 97.02%! im working on the cafe parties right now to help make the collection a full 100% (and then I assume I have completed the game).

Mix red with blue (I know this is the zapshroom but not able to get it yet) Any helpful advice??
#86. Seed Name: ? Where to find: Snow Whites World

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! I can offer any help to anyone else who needs it also. 🙂