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diy air scrubbers for weed grows

Diy air scrubbers for weed grows

These products are designed to bind with unpleasant smells so that the smell is “neutralized”. Often they also have a very strong fragrance to help cover up smells.

1.) Identify the diameter of your exhaust

Today we’ll quickly get you up to speed the options available to neutralize smells made by your plants, and we’ll explain which methods are most effective.

How to Find & Install The Right Carbon Filter

Refer to the diagram below to see how a carbon filter should be set up in your exhaust system. The carbon scrubber being placed at the back of the exhaust system minimizes the risk of flowering cannabis smell escaping.

3.) Install fan and filter into exhaust system

However, there are a few heavy-duty products available that are effective for small-scale marijuana grow rooms.

Ozone generators are sometimes added to grow rooms to neutralize smells. Ozone generators claim to remove odors, clean the air, and kill mold and mildew.

Diy air scrubbers for weed grows

Step 3: All you have left to do is connect your extraction fan to the outlet you previously made (in your room) or the extractor fan outlet in your grow tent. Now, all you have to do is turn your extraction fan on and make sure that there are no leaks – you’re ready to grow!

Carbon filters can cause a few issues when not used correctly, although some certain parameters and environmental conditions in your grow room can also affect them negatively. If your carbon filter starts acting up, you’ll know because of the smell. In order to avoid any issues, we recommend keeping the following information in mind:

When we say filter, you might be thinking of a typical fish tank filter; an extractor fan with some sort of cover on one end of it such as a sponge or a simple cloth cover. Well, it’s a similar system; odor filters are usually made out of polyester or spongey fibers, as well as other types of porous materials, as well as activated carbon.

Step 1: If growing in an indoor tent, you can simply attach it to the aluminum or steel bars at the top of the tents’ structure, using the straps that the tent should already have to keep it steady. This can be done simply, without the help of anyone else.


Activated carbon filters for cannabis are known for their cylindrical, tube shape as well as their double layering of activated carbon, designed to make any air that flows through it go through the activated carbon for the best possible filter. It has a large amount of holes on the outer layer that allows for maximum air flow.

Activated carbon can be found in various formats; powdered, in granules and in pellets. Depending on the format, it can be used to filter air, gas or water. Activated carbon (or charcoal) is also used in cosmetics, for food purposes and for treating cases of severe intoxication.

The use of carbon filters in cannabis growing is a relatively new practice, especially here in Spain. I still remember going over to my friends’ place and finding out they didn’t have carbon filters in their grow tent – their entire neighborhood would stink. Thinking back on it, it was kind of crazy – but growing cannabis indoors was also still a relatively new idea at the time. Nowadays, pretty much anyone knows that you need a carbon filter for a grow room to stay discreet and operational.

How to correctly install a carbon filter for your grow room

Carbon or charcoal is a naturally absorbent material thanks to how porous it is, even without being activated. When activated it is one of the most absorbent materials on earth, used to filter both air and water. It can absorb almost any type of material although it works best with natural or organic elements.

Carbon filters for cannabis growers tend to come in a sort of sock which stops any dirt from getting in and obstructing the air flow, which would reduce the amount of odor filtered and could be incredibly damaging for your plants. This increases the lifespan of your filter, allowing it to stay functional until the last gram of carbon is used up.

Diy air scrubbers for weed grows

Passive Intake

Too Much Fan!

How to Calculate Exhaust Fan Strength

In order to move air out of the tent and vent it outside, you need to use at least one strong fan as part of your exhaust system.

Dehumidifiers and humidifiers can help control the humidity when an exhaust system isn’t enough

Placing Fans In The Grow Area

Leaves are constantly giving off water vapor into the air; in fact, that’s how the plants bring up water from the ground. As the water is transpired through the leaves, it pulls up more water from the roots like a straw.