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diy weed grow tent

Diy weed grow tent

Sounds pretty simple, right?

If you go to Wal-Mart to get your “materials,” you’re probably going to spend a little more than $2. The guy in the video is from Canada. He claims he bought both the reflective blanket and the hula-hoop at a dollar store for about CAD 2.50. That worked out to about USD 1.95 at the time.

These are all fair enough questions. However, for a cheap $2 marijuana grow tent that increases your light efficiency by over 100%, beggars can’t be choosers.

Too Good to be True?

If you would rather a written explanation of what is going on in the video below, here it is! The speaker seems hugely excited by what he is about to share. He credited a man named Cody from Nukeheads for this cool way to make a cheap tent. He says that you can create a grow tent for approximately $2 plus a few household items. Therefore, if you don’t have those things, it may cost you a few more dollars.

However, this isn’t a garbage cheap tent that won’t do much for your plants. He claims this method increases light efficiency. He begins by managing your expectations, pointing out that you won’t get a fancy looking tent. If that’s what you want, don’t bother continuing because you’ll only be disappointed!

Does the Cheapest Marijuana Grow Tent Really Only Cost $2?

All you need is a hula-hoop and reflective blanket material called Mylar. It was initially developed by NASA and is extremely reflective, ideal when trying to make the most out of your lighting. Make sure the hula hoop is large enough to fit around your light. This is because you’ll hang the Mylar from it, surround the light, and make it more efficient.

A lot of good LED grow lights are designed to be hung from thin cables. Therefore, you’ll have to figure out a way to fasten the hula-hoop around the light. Then you need to attach the reflective blanket to the hoop. The guy in the video attached his sheet using duct tape. Something tells us you won’t need Frank Lloyd Wright-like engineering skills to figure something out.

Diy weed grow tent

Apart from having a grow room air conditioner, ventilation is the only way to keep the temperature down. Most growers that grow under LEDs shouldn’t have a problem with this but if you’re growing under an HPS for example, you’ll definitely need ventilation.

Proper ventilation also helps you maintain humidity levels on point because it is super important, especially during the flowering stage so by having a good ventilation system you can get rid of the excess moisture caused by the water the substrate retains and the moisture your plants release through transpiration.

If you’re planning on using a heavy light fixture (or more than one) and an exhaust fan with a carbon filter, it’s better to use metal poles so the structure can bear the weight.

The exhaust fans ensure a good air exchange, this is crucial to the growth of your plants because the air exchange will provide the CO2 your plants need while letting out oxygen.

Prevents mold and bugs

A grow tent is the best DIY grow space because (depending on how you build it) you can easily disassemble it when you need to and then mount it again without needing anything else.

Note: Instead of using mylar, you can use a white plastic sheet, it won’t reflect light as good as mylar but it works great if you can’t find mylar easily.

Voltage x Amperage = Max Wattage

Oscillating Fan

The plastic sheet should be measured on the grow tent before cutting so you don’t have to redo it, make sure it doesn’t have holes to avoid light leaks and if it doesn’t get too hot where you live you can use 2 layers of the sheet to make the tent more resistant.

You need 1m x 8 wood beams for (A), 2m x 8 wooden beams for (B), and 1m x 2 or x 3 beams for (C). The amount of beams you need on top depends on the weight of your light fixture, exhaust fan, and carbon filter.

Diy weed grow tent

Just because your apartment doesn’t have the same acreage as a farm in the Emerald Triangle doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own ganja. In fact, with just a few trips to your local hardware and garden supply store and some simple assembly, you can construct a DIY grow tent and produce your own weed year-round.

Why build a grow tent?

Once you’ve got your structure built, you’ll need to pick a light. LED grow lights have gone through huge technological improvements over the past few years, and buying a quality high-powered, full-spectrum light is cheaper than ever. Just make sure that the unit you choose has the proper dimensions to fit within the space of your shelving rack.

Image lightbox

To keep the light focused and reflected as much as possible onto your plants, the next thing you need is the “tent” part of your grow tent. Using a material that is bright and reflective on the inside and black on the outside will properly direct the light onto your plants while ensuring that no light leaks out. This kind of rack wrap can be built on the cheap using reflective space blankets and layers of black trash bags. For just a little more money, we recommend investing in black and white panda film or one-sided mylar wrap.