DNA Genetics Review

DNA Genetics Review

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DNA Genetics was founded in Amsterdam in 2003 and is known for the creation of many strains of medicinal cannabis seeds. In just over 6 years, DNA has won over 40 awards from prestigious cannabis events in several countries. The name “DNA Genetics” is frequently seen and heard in magazines, books, over the internet, in songs, on the radio, in the newspaper, on t.v., and by word of mouth.

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  1. Introducing Gryphon 33 feminized cannabis seeds by the CH9 seed bank. A vibrant cross between a Gryphon and Jack 33 these feminized marijuana seeds are yet another excellent addition to the already awesome range of female seeds from CH9 seeds, and as such expect them to prove popular amongst souvenir seeds collectors worldwide.

  2. This lovely sativa is extremely strong that one could sense it inside your fingers. A hybrid of genuine Pacific G-13, Burmese and the Love Lettuce is often a branchy plant of mid-sized height which takes 9-11 weeks to complete. The flavor is of THC spread on crisp iceberg lettuce and is also exceedingly refreshing. The high can be quite potent, energetic and enduring and features substantial medicinal qualities for a mainly sativa. The Love Lettuce delivers medium yields and really is a connoisseur’s choice, however is not appropriate for amateur growers or commercial production.

  3. We’re discussing a mixture of Blue Berry with Diavolo, sustaining in each and every moment the auto flowering gen that dominates during these kind of crosses. La Diva will astonish you with an all new smell and color for your indoor grow at any time of the season and definately will impress you with its crop for newbies as well as professionals.