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does loud weed have seeds

Does loud weed have seeds

Seeds happen when pollen gets on the hairs (pistils) of buds as they’re forming. In other words, seeds in weed are caused by pollination.

What causes seeds in buds?

This bud is full of fat seeds because pollen got on the pistils during bud development.

Does it mean the weed is bad?

Sometimes you don’t see the seeds until they fall out of your buds

Does loud weed have seeds

There are varying levels of cannabis quality that can affect aroma, taste, efficacy, and cost. At the bottom rung of the ladder are “reggies” — also known as brick weed. This type of weed is defined by its dull green or brown coloring, and may contain stems and seeds. Think of it as cannabis amateur hour, something you’d expect to find at a college party in the 90s.

The origins of loud and the strains named after it

Next are “beasters,” or middle-of the road cannabis that comes from Canada. Beasters should have fewer seeds and stems than brick weed, as well as a smoother toke and better taste. They are also more potent with a THC percentage that can range from 15 – 20 percent.

How loud is used in pop-culture

Cannabis lingo can sometimes be overwhelming and puzzling, especially for novice consumers. Strains in particular carry their fair share of confusion, in part because of their monikers, such as WTF strain names like Meat Breath and Alien Asshat, that offer no clues to their effects or what to expect from the experience. Add one more term to your weed lexicon, one that is both strain name and adjective: Loud.

Does loud weed have seeds

If you’re looking at your weed and you’ve noticed it has seeds in it, it’s important to figure out why. This will help to determine whether or not it’s bad they are there. There are two main reasons why you may have seeds in your weed.

Why This Matters

That said, visual cues might not be enough to evaluate your weed 100% but it can help you to conduct at best a preliminary inspection before you buy.

Before You Buy

If you’re going to try growing with seeds, check on their viability first. Seeds that are dark in color are best. Whole dark, mottled seeds are mature and ready to plant, but the lighter, softer or cracked seeds are not as viable for successful germination . The image below is an example of healthy looking cannabis seeds that should be viable.