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does weed grow faster indoors or outdoors

Does weed grow faster indoors or outdoors

“Which is better really depends on what aspect you look at,” said Ed Rosenthal, a well-known cannabis expert, author, and advocate. “It really depends on your situation.”

Factors to consider: price, climate, and quality

A continent away, Plena Global’s goal is to produce cannabinoid ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. They chose a location accordingly—it’s a Canadian company, but its outdoor farm is in South America.

Indoor growing

“We respect the plant. But it’s also just a widget,” said Matt Rogers, Organigram’s Senior Vice President of Operations.

Does weed grow faster indoors or outdoors

Outdoor will often give you a lot more yield per harvest because you can grow huge "trees" of marijuana. The sun is a powerful grow light that allows plants to really build up in size. Outdoor plants can sometimes produce several pounds of buds per plant. However, when growing outdoors, you must almost always start your grow in the spring and usually only get one harvest per year unless you live somewhere tropical.

Only one harvest per year unless you live near the equator

Indoor can product big yields in the right conditions, but is somewhat limited by the size of your grow lights. If you only need a few ounces of bud each month (or less), indoor growing will be able to yield enough for you. When growing indoors, you can start a grow basically any time, which gives you the ability to harvest several times per year.

Ability to produce perpetual harvests

There are two major ways to grow marijuana, indoors and outdoors.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing outdoors is more like farming and less like a science experiment. Though outdoor growing can seem complicated and hard to set up at first, growing outdoors will often save you time and money compared to growing indoors. Especially once you get a feel for the lay of the land and a few different strains, sowing and harvesting your buds can become an easy routine with very little maintenance needed during the grow.

Outdoors you may have to take more time initially to research and learn about your environment through trial and error. It's important to make sure you choose a compatible marijuana strain for your local weather while also picking the right place to plant your garden.

Outdoor can also be stealthy, especially if your garden is out in the middle of nowhere or completely hidden from view. The least stealthy parts of outdoor growing will be going back and forth to your garden, and during harvest time when you will need to move several hefty bags of marijuana buds back to where you can trim, dry, and cure them.

Does weed grow faster indoors or outdoors

As a third generation cultivator, he can attest to the fact that “cannabis is [only] grown indoors is because of prohibition—raids and incarceration that started in the late ‘70s and still [persist] nearly 50 years later.”

She told us, “based on the regulations and the way we need to package, keep records and receipts for a legal cannabis operation, there’s a lot of waste created, especially in terms of packaging. The amount of energy indoor wastes unnecessarily adds to the environmental footprint of the entire industry. The amount of energy it takes to grow the plant [indoors] is significant, and I believe it’s inefficient and unnecessary, because they can grow outside with light from the sun.”

Why is this even an issue?

Getting good weed advice is a way of smashing lingering taboos against the drug and holding the budding industry accountable, so it’s worth educated on some of these finer points. SO today, I’m going to explore the primary differences between indoor- and outdoor-grown cannabis as it relates to you, the buyer.

Outdoor can be quality, too

Flavor and strong THC content are not only driven by indoor cultivation, but they are ensured by more consistent growing conditions. As Masterson told us, however, “not all indoor cannabis is grown equally. Make sure you choose a brand that truly understands what they are doing. It costs more to produce cannabis in a controlled environment. Prices at a retail store generally reflect that.”