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does weeds grow through sand

So I just got home from Wal-Mart with lots of free cardboard to use as a weed barrier. A worker there was passionate about gardening and swore to me that he had read in the Farmers Almanac that you can use sand to prevent weed growth. I tried Googling the information and couldn't find what he was talking about. It sounds believable because sand is heavy and doesn't let light in. Can anyone here tell me if sand works and how I'd go about using it for weed control?

Does weeds grow through sand

I need to use polymeric sand on an upcoming job. I’ve never used it before and some of the instructions and videos I’ve watched are confusing and have conflicting information in them. Have you used this material before? Did you find it hard to work with? I’m terrified of having mottled stains on my new pavers! What did you do to ensure your job came out perfect?Diane K., Roselle, Ill.

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Polymeric sand is best described as outdoor grout. Depending on the manufacturer, it’s a blend of different colored sand grains as well as chemical binders or glues that are activated by water. When the polymers dry and cure, the sand between the joints gets quite hard and it cements the pavers together. Weeds won’t grow between the joints and the sand doesn’t wash away.

Does weeds grow through sand

The key difference between sand and soil when it comes to weed growth is that sand does not hold nutrients well. Soil has lots of living microbes with helpful nutrients and sand doesn’t. Sand also doesn’t hold water very well which means that weeds have to work much harder for the water.

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Types Of Weeds That Grow In Sand

No, sand will not stop weeds from growing. Even though sand does not hold water or nutrients, it still won’t prevent weeds from growing.

Weeds are pesky plants that can grow in the most unlikely places. They are opportunistic, and they will take advantage of any growing conditions that exist.

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Some ways to keep weeds from growing in sand include using mulch, spraying herbicide on them, or using weed barriers. Using salt along with other natural ingredients has been found effective at killing off weed growth too.