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dog patch seeds

Expect branchy plants with low-medium stretch. Sour fermented berry. Sweet, pungent, astringent flavor. Light Feeder.


Old School Genetics are sold as an adult souvenir cannabis genetic material. Seeds are not to be cultivated in any jurisdiction where the cultivation of cannabis is forbidden by law.

Any information supplied with the seeds, found online or offline, in any resource, or in any marketing materials should be treated as having solely educational purpose.

Dog patch seeds

I’m just not a fan of the theory of it. I understand plants are different than animals, but it’s just so unnatural. Nowhere in nature does a son copulate with his mother. Or grandson with his grandma, etc. It’s just kind of weird and I can’t imagine it’s good for the gene pool.


Just started soaking some Gorilla Fume seeds here. 13 in the pack. Let’s see how this bx3 male does. Going to be cool to see how this one stacks up to the Polecat 91BX and the ’91 Christmas. I’m not a fan of the concept of BXing but let’s see. Always willing to try.

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But I’m willing to check it out to see how it works with plants. In my very limited experience of bx’es, they have all been weak compared to regular sex plants on average. I get that in the plant world, the point of the bx is to lock in certain traits, but in my very limited opinion, I think there are better ways and bx-ing might be a sort of short cut for that end.

Dog patch seeds

When your dog uses the lawn as an outside toilet, the amount of acid in the urine causes burns on the grass. The burns will show as yellow and sometimes dead spots in your lawn. Our research shows that some grasses are more resistant to dog urine and thus the lawn will not suffer any damage caused by dog urine.

Your dog is not the problem

A scorched lawn and dead spots caused by dog urine is never nice to look at. Existing solutions tend to focus on altering the behavior patterns of the dog or to “trick” the dog’s digestion system. However, altering the dog’s natural behavior is not a viable solution the problem. The solution is to focus on the lawn instead of the dog. Adapting the lawn to the purpose it serves, is the preferred, most sustainable, and also often cheapest, solution.

Proven by science

We have invested in testing what actually causes dog patches on grass. The solution we have deveopled is carefully tested and backed by science. We tested a simulation of dog pee up against a wide range of genetic lawn grass profiles. Actually we have tested 168 different varieties of grass across seven different species. The results are convincing and shows that some grass varieties are more tolerant towards dog urine and thus do not suffer damage from dog urine. The essence of our research is that by introducing a naturally tolerant grass seed variety to the lawn, dog patches will not be a problem.