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don shula seeds

The Higher Ground Workshop Series is a restorative justice centered program focused on raising an offender’s awareness of the full impact of their crimes from their victim’s perspective.

This program and facilitators’ manual was developed by Leonard Scovens, co-author of the award winning book with Agnes Furey, Wildflowers in the Median.The manual is based on the concept of restorative justice. We greatly appreciate your donations and the positive changes they make possible in the lives of prisoners, their families and communities.


“Leonard Scovens has approached the restorative justice prison reform issue from the unique perspective of the inmate. In restorative justice’s shift to victim-led approaches, few have given second thought to offender- led approaches. Honest and real, his program is a piece of a much greater puzzle aimed square at changing prisons from places of punishment to houses of reform and rehabilitation.”

Your donations will cover the costs for printing and mailing the manuals.

(1) To enable prisoners to be aware of the impact of their choices.
(2) To encourage prisoners to alter their behavior and thinking to help them succeed in their reintegration into society.
(3) To break the cycles of abuse, addiction, ignorance and poverty that creates more victims, criminals, and loss than is tolerable in our society.
(4) To provide a safe space where both survivors of crime and offenders can heal, grow and move beyond the resentment and pain that are the direct consequences of crime and loss.

The second phase of the HGWS transitions into a focus on the consequences of an offenders choices.

Kenneth Johnson, author of Unbroken Circles for Schools and restorative justice practitioner.

Katya Sabaroff Taylor, author of the foreword to Wildflowers in the Median and the forthcoming, Prison Wisdom.

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Don shula seeds

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