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don t let weeds grow around your dreams

Don t let weeds grow around your dreams

If you saw weeds in your dream then you might be feeling overshadowed by someone in your waking hours. Is someone taking the limelight while you’re being neglected and cast to one side? Perhaps you feel like this in your personal or your professional life.

It might be time to distance yourself from the person who said the hurtful things to you or find a way to improve the relationship you have with your own body and mind.

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If you were weeding in your dream, then it’s possible you want to get rid of all the negativity or old ideas you see in your life right now. To throw them away in order to move on and grow.

Weeds might be related to people in your life who are not contributing to the same extent as you for the purpose of the greater good. They may be selfish, stingy or have the power to corrupt those who are contributing.

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Weeding can represent feelings of fear that your enemies are bigger and stronger than you and will come along and upset your plans.

Weeds can symbolise friendships or relationships that have gone wrong. Is it time to rekindle them if you miss the person who’s no longer in your life?

To dream of other people walking on weeds
When you see someone else walking on weeds, it means that you will feel sorry for someone and their life story and decide to do everything you can to help them. You will probably start a charity or some other way of getting help, and after you see what you have managed to achieve, you will realize that doing things like that is actually your life mission. Such projects will become a part of your everyday life.

To dream of other people cultivating weeds
If you see someone else cultivating weeds in a dream, it means that you should find balance in your life. You have started exaggerating in everything, and you are not sure anymore if you are doing it because you want to or because that is the way you should do things. You are making some people angry with your behavior, which will make you realize who are your true friends and who is with you just because they have some benefits from it. Finding balance is a long process that can even last for the rest of your life, and if you don’t start working on it now, you will never know where you have been making mistakes until now.

Definition of weeds

To dream of cooking weeds
A dream in which you are cooking weeds symbolizes fear of poverty. You are someone who doesn’t let themselves be without money. You would rather do any kind of a job and have enough for yourself than be poor. Because of it, you don’t understand people who are perfectly capable of working but don’t want to because it is easier for them to live at someone else’s expense. You always try to have something aside for emergencies, which is why friends often ask you to lend them money.

To dream of cutting weeds
If you are dreaming of cutting weeds, that is a sign that you will cut some people out of your life. You will realize that they have a negative effect on your mental health and that you feel bad and exhausted after hanging out with them. Since you need positive energy in your life to have enough strength to overcome some obstacles now, you will distance yourself from those who can’t transfer it to you. That will be one of the best decisions you have made in life.

To dream of a house covered in weeds
A house covered in weeds is a symbol of nostalgia, sorrow, and depression in dreams. There is a chance that you are miserable because you don’t live in your hometown or because you are not with the people you love. People who had to leave their homeland because of college, work, or a better life often have these dreams. Even though you have everything now that you could have only dreamt about in the past, you can’t say that you are truly happy.