Dr. Krippling Review

Dr. Krippling Review

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Team Krippling are blissful servants to this plant with breeding/proofing stations in a few countries throughout Europe*, working on hundreds of different strains from all over the world. Many of Team Krippling’s breeders have techniques and knowledge from generations of farming, and as much as we share genetics, techniques and co-operate with other seedbanks and breeders, we are committed to seeking our own champion “Hercules” ganja mother and father strains, by popping hundreds of pips weekly, if not every other day, from select original breeders / seedbanks, as well as being on the lookout for a super performer from brand new strains and seedbanks.

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  1. White Fya (or Fuego Blanco) is a White Widow Hybrid which was developed back in 2004. Vulkania Seeds White Fya is a plant with pedigree genetics and the superior selected mother won the celebrated cup at the Hemp Friends Festival in 2004.

  2. Amsterdam Flame is actually a small-statured indica by having sparkling appearances and colorful buds that are exceptionally crystallized and dewy by having resin. The mainly Indica genetics suggest that she is a dab bushy, with large fan leaves, as well as she does not stretch much indoors. Her framework is actually Christmas-tree like, demanding a additional space in a sea of green environment. The controlled size accomplishes not take away from an exceptional turnout, commonly by having one big primary cola, calling for less trees to make great harvests. Indoors, the Flame performs well in coco, hydro, or soil media. Outside she may quickly expand 2 meters (6 feet) tall, and even branch out to almost similarly as broad. In a really good season, a tree of these proportions may yield over half a kilo per tree. By having a THC content of 19.2 percent, this mixture makes a pleasantly effective high. Amsterdam Flame integrates bodily rest with a sweet fruity aroma to design an absolutely exceptional gourmet bud that satisfies all the senses. The taste is soft and understated with a hint of strawberry. Bred in 1994.