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dr. who seeds

Unlike most indica-heavy strains, Dr. Who Autoflowering marijuaa seeds actually produce a functional and motivating daytime high that’s suitable for getting chores and daily tasks done without zoning out or feeling lazy.


You’ve likely heard about the TV show, Dr. Who — but what about the marijuana strain? Dr. Who Autoflowering marijuana seeds belong to the indica-dominant family and provide the typical indica effects you’ve come to expect by now. If you’ve never tried an indica-heavy strain before, you can count of feeling relaxed, pain-free, and anxiety-free. Dr. Who Auto comes with the added bonus of heightened focus and concentration.

Because of the natural boost in brain function, Dr. Who Auto slightly differs from other indica strains you may have tried in the past. Unlike the ones that leave you braindead or in a state of couchlock, Dr. Who Auto actually works to make users more productive and functional. You may notice a jolt of creativity or motivation to get your daily tasks done. It’s no wonder some office workers turn to Dr. Who Auto before their shift.

Dr. who seeds

Richard Dunbar: [on the phone, referring to the Doctor] That chap you called in from Unit: is he quite sane?

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You have to hand it to Philip Hinchcliffe, he knew exactly what he was doing with the show, he had the luxury of Tom and Sarah, so he was already on a winner, but the writing and production throughout his tenure was just so good. Tom and Liz truly were a magnificent combo, they were well supported by the cast here.

The Seeds of Doom, case in point, it has to be one of the most terrifying stories of Doctor Who, the first part is chilling, it's grizzly and macabre, featuring some truly scary scenes.