Dravet Syndrome And CBD Cannabinoid

Dravet Syndrome And CBD Cannabinoid

While many know that medical marijuana is good at relieving pain and discomfort for wide ranging spectrum of ailments, a new one, has just been added… Dravet syndrome. Dravet is a severe form of epilepsy which generally occurs in infants. Those unfortunate souls that suffer with Dravet syndrome may suffer up to 100+ seizures a day.

The intensity and length of these seizures can last anywhere from 15 min – to well over an hour. Within today’s medicinal practice — there is no known cure. The best advice doctors can give, is to and minimize these painful and protract ed seizures. But how? As is true with anyone who suffers long, protracted seizures; the longer the attack, the greater the chance for long-term damage to the patient’s brain.

Recently there have been many studies performed on marijuana’s CBD cannabinoids and theireffect on Dravet syndrome, as a potential treatment for these youngest victims, of this vicious disease. While some parents had reservations about exposing their children to cannabis, as a means of helping with this crippling disease. Others took to social media platforms, as a means of disseminating this wonderful information, regarding a potential cure for their children. With the wide distribution of of this information had many on Facebook starting up support groups, allowing them to share their experiences with other suffering families.  While many voiced initial misgivings, others were anxious and eager to try any holistic, natural means to circumvent their childs suffering rather, than subject them to conventional over-the-counter pharmaceutical pills. Particularly when one understands the anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory properties contained within the CBD cannabinoid.

As most parents understand who have dealt with Dravet syndrome. The best pharmaceuticalsolution that big Pharma has two offer to these tiny little victims … Leaves them wandering through life in a “zombie” like fog which does next to nothing in actually controlling their life-threatening seizures. As any parent that is ever faced a life-threatening illness with their child knows, these parents no doubt are scared beyond belief and desperate to help their kids, as such would do anything, try anything to alleviate their pain — and increase their quality of life.

With most families that have tried cannabis as an alternative medicine for their children that suffer from Dravet syndrome reporting a massive increase in their child’s quality of life. Some of these young suffers actually turn up being virtually seizure free after they begin a regiment of cannabinoid consumption (3 to 1 – CBD to THC oil capsules.)

While each individual is different, many of the parents of these children that have used varying CBD  and THC ratios have discovered that they are their own “scientists”… and as such are learning through trial and error.