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dreadlock seeds

Mulching: Use mulch to suppress weeds.

Medicinal: Amaranth may be helpful for those with high blood pressure or heart disease, and regular consumption can help to reduce cholesterol levels. It also provides antioxidants and may help strengthen the immune system.

Vegetative: Can be propagated by taking stem cuttings. Simply cut a 4″ long section of the stem with 2–4 leaves. Bury the bottom 2″ in the soil where you want it to grow and keep it well watered until it roots. Alternately, use a soilless media, which may include perlite, vermiculite, well-rotted manure, sand, or a combination of these to root your cuttings before transplanting to their final location.

Rotation and Companion Plants

Foliar: A foliar spray such as compost tea can be applied once per week.

Companions: Grows well with corn, onion, potatoes, peppers, and eggplant.


Deficiency(s): Nitrogen or phosphorous deficiency may result in slow growth and reduced production, particularly if growing to harvest the seeds.

Seed Depth: 1/4–1/2″
Space Between Plants: 6–24″ (more space if planting for grain harvest, less if for microgreens)
Space Between Rows: 18–24″‘
Germination Soil Temperature: 65–75°F
Days for Germination: 10–21
Sow Indoors: 6–8 weeks before average last frost date.
Sow Outdoors: After average last frost date when soil is at least 60°F.

Click on the product image (the Seed Freaks packet) for information on how to grow this variety.

Sorry, no sales to WA or overseas due to quarantine Restrictions.

Sow when is based on cooler climates. If you are growing in a warm, subtropical or tropical climate you may need to check your local sow when guides.

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We hope you enjoy growing these heirloom and often rare varieties. While we grow seed commercially it’s home gardeners who are keeping them alive!

All seed packets sold are in date. The use by date on the packet image does not reflect the date of the seed for sale, we don’t update the image to reflect the latest batch.

Sorry, no sales to WA or overseas due to quarantine Restrictions.

Click on the product image (the Seed Freaks packet) for information on how to grow this variety.

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Note-Seeds are living products that depend on many factors such as proper planting time and technique, depth of sowing, soil, proper germination environment, fertility, disease control, insect control, and reasonable weather for direct sown seeds. If any of these factors are not right, it may cause the seed to not perform and because most, if not all, of these factors are out of our control, most of the success of these seeds is in the hands of the grower. If they have been cared for properly and still fail to grow, we will replace the seed or issue a credit voucher, one time. We guarantee that the seeds we sell conform to the label: however, our liability is limited to the purchase price of the seed.

Please check your order immediately upon arrival and report any problems promptly. We reserve the right to request return of any product deemed unsatisfactory prior to approval of any adjustment.

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Rohrer Seeds has thousands of seeds in stock. Stop by today and find all the seeds you need for your garden.

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Bulbs or plants shipped in the summer or fall which fail to grow will be replaced or credit voucher issued, one time, provided they have been planted properly and the loss is not due to poor winter protection or rodents and we are notified by June 1st of the following year.

Rohrer Seeds is committed to your success! Every seed you buy from us must satisfy you…or your money back. We have worked hard since 1919 to provide the highest quality seeds at affordable prices. Any seed purchased from us must be of the quality represented to you. If not, you may return it at our expense. Your money will be refunded or issued as a credit to another purchase. See below for details. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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*Non-warranty – Every care is exercised to give all customers seed of good quality that will prove profitable and satisfactory, yet the following clause is to be made plain. We give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the productiveness of any seeds we sell and will not in any way be responsible for the crop. Our liability, in all instances, is limited to the purchase price of the seed only.

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