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dream queen seeds

This is a vigorous, fast-growing strain which even copes well with reduced light levels. It will more than double in size during the flowering period generating very impressive yields. Indoor flowering time is just 45 days while outdoor growers in the northern hemisphere will reap their reward in the latter half of September. The buds are an intense green and covered in sparkling trichomes. The smell in the grow room is very sweet and Skunk-like so probably advisable to use carbon filters when growing this strain.

Dream Queen Regular seeds are produced from a 3-way cross of Green Crack, Mazar Star and Skunk #1. It is a sativa-dominant S2 strain which has enormous potential yields.

With its taste of Skunk, pine and orange this is a flavoursome smoke. THC levels reach 23% and the effect is of a cerebral, energetic high which is perfect to be enjoyed throughout the day.

The only queen you’ll ever need, Dream Queen autoflowering is the stuff dreams are made of, a euphoric indica that sweels into deep relaxation. A finicky girl, Auto Dream Queen takes finese to encourage her mint colored buds to reach their peak height and produce a bounty of smokable cannabis.


Not your typical cannabis strain, Dream Queen marijuana has an earthy fragrance that’s complimented if not overshadowed by its fun side – a fruity aroma with tropical notes and a hint of bubble gum. It’s a sweet, delicious smoke, with a suggestion of pine and bubble gum when you exhale.

A sativa-dominant hybrid, Dream Queen marijuana is all about relaxation and euphoria that happiness that gets the creative juices flowing. Rather than lulling you into sleep, it wakes you up with a buzzing high, perhaps a product of its 22% THC, that has made it a favorite among sativa fans.