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dreamcatcher seeds

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Dreamcatcher specifications

Read the Dreamcatcher seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Dreamcatcher seeds.

About Dreamcatcher seeds

Dreamcatcher Feminized Seeds

Dreamcatcher seeds

A truly fantastic combination of Indica and Sativa strain coming together, the ultimate hybrid!

Expect a mild effect for an Indica, ideal for daytime use.

Additional Information

Discover delicious flavours with hints of citrus and a sour undertone. The legendary Kush flavour enhanced by tropical fruit finishing with gassy fruity scents.


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Dreamcatcher seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds say that with Dreamcatcher, “you will forget all your sorrows”. So there’s one reason to grow Dreamcatcher marijuana seeds. Another is to try a hot new strain. And another is simply to grow yourself a quick and bountiful crop of a very feel-good smoke

The resulting Dreamcatcher marijuana is a tasty combination of a kush flavour with tropical fruity notes. As for its effects, despite being high in THC (21%), it’s actually quite a mild smoke which is perfect for daytime use.

Unlike Bonfire and Cappuccino 420 (Black Domina crosses which are Indica-dominant), Dreamcatcher is a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

10 Dreamcatcher regular seeds €58.50 (approx. £52 or $74)