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drying cannabis in grow tent

Drying cannabis in grow tent

As with humidity, an incorrect temperature can ruin our flowers, as can drying them in full daylight. Temperatures over 25 degrees can dry the plant too fast, the ideal temperature being about 18-20 degrees celsius. On the other hand, if we dry the plants in the light this will degrade part of the content of the trichomes, reducing the final quality of the buds.

You can also install a small fan to help the air circulate and avoid the formation of air pockets or moisture, although we recommend not to point it directly at the flowers we’re drying. This could cause them to dry too quickly in some areas of the plants, and as we know, what we want is slow and uniform drying.

In the same way, if we want to accelerate drying, it’s best to trim cannabis thoroughly before hanging them to dry, and also removing as much stalk and stem as we can. In this way less vegetable mass must be dried, and the bud drying process will be faster.

Both when we’re cutting the plants or during the trimming process (and also when hanging them to dry), it’s very important not to handle the flowers excessively. Trichome heads – where the various compounds that give cannabis its flavour and high are produced and stored – are very delicate, and can easily break off if we touch the buds too much.

Inadequate ventilation while drying

Closely observing the colour of the trichomes is crucial to enable us to harvest the plants at the optimum time, with the maximum possible content of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. During flowering, this colour changes from transparent to milky as the glandular heads of the trichomes fill with compounds, ending with a lovely amber colour. Levitra

It’s very important to remove any mouldy parts of the plant before drying

The ideal is to dry the plants in a relatively cool, well ventilated and dark place. This way, we will avoid many of the factors that can cause drying to reduce the quality of our harvest.

Incorrect humidity levels in the drying room

Normally, the best time to harvest is with a large proportion of milky trichomes, and a small number are already showing amber tones. At this time the cannabinoid and terpene content is at its highest, so the flavour, aroma and effect of the buds will also be at their peak. This is the first step to achieve a quality product, which we will finish off during the drying process.

As we already mentioned, in addition to maintaining an adequate level of humidity, it’s important to avoid the air inside the drying room becoming stagnant. Many growers use their grow tent as a dryer, leaving the ventilation system on during the drying process. In this way, a correct air circulation is achieved inside, and if a carbon filter is installed, the intense smell of the plants is avoided.

dehumidifiers, or a humidity control attached to an exhaust fan.

What is the best temperature and humidity to dry weed?

The best way to dry weed is to do it as slowly as possible in a controlled environment. Drying weed slowly brings out optimal taste, smell, appearance, and overall bud quality. After you’ve determined when to harvest marijuana plants you should dry them properly and then make sure to properly cure your weed once it is dry.

Drying marijuana in grow tents

In this article you’ll learn the best way to dry weed to bring out maximum taste, smell, smoothness of smoke, and overall bud quality and appearance.

Drying cannabis in grow tent

You don’t want your dehumidifiers to suck moisture from the plants. You only want to remove the excess humidity from the room, allowing the plants to dry out naturally. You also don’t want fans blow-drying your flowers either. Just a little circulation in the room is all you need. Quick drying causes harshness in the smoke. Hanging whole plants upside down forces a slower and more even drying over the entire plant.

Moisture within the branches leach water into the flowers until the capillaries begin to harden. The plant’s tips harden first, cutting off moisture from the top buds, while the smallest buds at the bottom of the plant will continue to receive small amounts of water. This technique ensures all the buds are crispy and ready to be trimmed on the same day. There is much debate over the choice between trimming wet or dry; that is, either to trim the leaf from the buds right when you harvest, or wait until the flowers are dried.

In contrast, properly drying your bud is a fairly straightforward process but you must pay close attention to get it right. What follows is my favorite technique for producing the most flavorful buds with all the qualities I desire when smoking flowers.