Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison Seeds
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Durban Poison Info

PLANT TYPE100% Sativa
THCUp to 20%
CLIMATEDoes well indoors and outdoors
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS18 to 21 oz per 3x3ft

Durban Poison Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Durban Poison is what it is called, not just Durban, and it comes from South Africa. The reason why I know this is because I have been working with South African strains for years, and they have a lot of promise, to me. That is where we found the THC-V levels where we wanted it, where we could get it out. The concentrates we make from it are special. I have fifteen South African strains I breed with, myself, so I have quite a bit of knowledge on Durban Poison and the strains that come off of it.

Durban itself, what we are buying it as, is a hybrid. Real Durban is an outdoor plant, but these Durbans now that we are growing are a sativa that has been indoor-ized. Regular Durban Poison is about a ten-week indoor. It will grow outdoors really well here. It will harvest before winter. It gets bigger buds outdoors.

Grow difficulty of Durban is about a two. It almost grows itself. The average flowering time for Durban is about ten weeks. Wild Durban gets about ten feet tall. Tame Durban gets about six to eight feet tall. The average yield for Durban poison is about eight ounces to a pound. Pros and cons for Durban is it is very good quality genetics, con is the length of the flowering time.

Durban Poison has a lot of similar strains in Australia, but I do not know of very many in America other than maybe C90 or Cinderella 99 is kind of close, but it does not have THC-V.

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  1. Durban poison strain is White widow crossed with Northern lights. It has bushy plant with large sticky buds. Its smell is a candy sweet aroma which adds to the good cerebral high. As the name suggests the buds are covered in THC glands. This gives an unusually clear buzz and a slightly delayed effect. The climatic conditions for this to grow is indoor or outdoor. Its type is Indica – Sativa mix. It yields up to 150 grams (indoor) / up to 700 grams (outdoor). It harvests in the end of September.

  2. Durban Poison is acknowledged as a regular marijuana seed via the Afropips seeds collection. It’s been absolutely adapted for the unstable European climate and became among the most popular marijuana seeds in the current society due to its fast finishing as well as a generous output of large resinous buds. Mold and fungus are resistant to this strain. Afropips Durban Poison is acceptable for outdoor and indoor cultivation. It performs well in every growing settings and quite often can confuse by possessing an indica look. Some attention is essential agains mites and caterpillars when grown outdoors. Planted in April, these marijuana seeds are prepared within the first week of September producing strong Thai, sweet liquorice/aniseed, flavors. Afropips Durban Poison marijuana seeds are 100% sativa and are also naturally enriched with THC content. Medicine made from them generates a fast hitting, uplifing, all within the head high and is also employed to fight the simptoms of tension, depression and paranoia. Strong analgetic values.

  3. Dutch Passion’s Durban Poison Feminized is incredibly simple to grow. Brought in from South Africa, created in Holland. Exclusively inbred, never ever hybridized, 100% Sativa. Believed to have enormous and long buds with heaps of resin. A sweet licorice or anise taste. This strain by Dutch Passion has been said to generate a high yield does exceptionally well beneath artificial light.

  4. Early, basic and powerful. Feels delighted growing outdoors. As cozy outdoors in many temperate areas as indoors, Early Durban definitely is a tough plant which could reward the grower with huge yields quickly, mostly Sativa in nature having a cerebral/physical effect plus an Aniseed taste.

  5. This really is a beautiful strain from Swaziland, mainly Sativa. It will grow in to a massive plant with enormous buds. Mild high, often employed by less frequent smokers.

  6. This strain is an F1 mix from Durban, South Africa, that grows very tall. The plant has massive leaves and long sticky buds with many offshoots.

  7. Durban Poison serves as a F1 cross of a sativa strain coming from the secret garden positioned just outside Durban, South Africa along with a potent, early on Dutch skunk. This strain grows tall having huge leaves. Long, tight buds possess a sweet earthy flavour which has a hint of anise. Widely known for its trippy up high!

  8. 100% Sativa: sweet odour and aniseed flavour. Energetic effect – high irrigation tolerancy. THC medium.

  9. This 1st generation mix is 75% indica and is tall as well as narrow.

  10. Very purple buds, 50/50 sativa/indica cross originating from pure South African seedlings and also a good resistance against mold.

  11. The Mighty Mite reduces the size just a little and provides it a main dominant cola. Really hardy and also a great smoke. Plants are generally completed about 3 to 4 feet tall.

  12. It is a cross between Eva’s Champion Papa’s Candy and Monster. As with any good parents, they’ve passed their finest traits onto their brilliant child.

  13. Mozambiquen Poison comes from the Mozambique side of Lake Malawi. This trancy strain is known to possess pscychoactive highs for hours. Standard healers give biannual pilgrimages to this plant. Medium Buds, Multi-branched with an electric zinger taste.

  14. Nirvana Urban Poison is actually a brand-new indoor appropriate version of our renowned South African marijuana strain Durban Poison. We had taken the Durban Poison seeds as well as crossed them having Northern Light, after which we backcrossed the resulting marijuana hybrid by having it is parents again. Ultimately, we came up having this Sativa dominant variety which maintains an aroma of juniper berries as well as a trippy high. Structure and potency advisable, this tree is on a par to contemporary interior creation strains.

  15. First prize winner Italian Cup 2007. Eva Feminized African Free seeds consist of a mixture of genuine South African and Indian male extremely productive and hearty, which provides it much strength in both the progression of buds in addition as in the crystallization from the resin. Sugary flavour to fresh fruits and euphoric sativa effect. Outdoors is really a plant easily grown and extremely productive, forming large, round 2-hedges meters. Indoors is especially productive, with dense, compact buds. Acceptable for SOG and intensive cultivation. Perfect for hashish extraction.

  16. This strain often recognized as African Queen is a 100% Sativa that gets an early flowering trait form its Early Durban parent. It features a liquorice taste and its effects are extremely stimulating. Ideal for growing outdoors or indoors. This variety originates from crossing the Central African Sativa along with a special early flowering Durban, which promises a totally unique plant species and smoking taste.

  17. South African Kwazulu is a wild variety coming from north of Drakenbergs range. It has low harvesting time, sweet flavor, and energetic effects. According to legend, this plant was used in warrior Zulu rites before the first British attack in 1879 as its long life time and energic effects give warriors more strength for defeating British army. It is one of the more resistant seeds to plagues and mushrooms and its genetic adaptations allows it to be grown indoors or outdoors in European latitudes.