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dwarf weed seed osrs

Dwarf weed seed osrs

Torstol seeds used to be 200k+, used to be pretty hype when you got one from slayer

farming would be so great if bossing and slayer didn't ruin everything else.

Dwarf weed in particular suffers from a supply surplus in relation to it's demand. I think it's one of the only herbs that isn't really impacted by dxp weekends (current price is the same as the price weeks prior to dxp announcement).

Dwarf weed seed osrs

Also, a Dwarf Weed seed dying has a larger impact than a Lantadyme seed dying.

So do DW if you need XP, or Lants if you just care about the money. Obvious answer is obvious.

I am a really experienced farmer who wanted to know what the profits for all main herbs were. And instead of just using estimated rates. Like 10 number of herbs per seed. I use averages from currently 269 dwarf weed runs to estimate yield for each combination of juju/no juju and tier of greenfingers. I do this and estimate the profit for each herb under each category to see which herbs come out on top.