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easy marijuana grow box

Easy marijuana grow box

2. Automated Home Grow Boxes

What are the benefits of a grow tent?

However, most grow tents are are sold as just the tent. You need to add lights, fans, pots, etc. This is helpful if you want to customize your grow area, but can also take a lot of research. You can buy full grow tent kits online that provide everything you need to get started. They may end up costing more than finding each piece individually, but it saves a ton of time on research.

How big is a grow tent?

You will want to shop around and find a fan that isn’t too loud to keep running in your home. While you could use a cheap basic fan from the thrift store, theres a good chance it will be much noisier than a higher quality fan.

Easy marijuana grow box

Stealth Box’s organic system means you don’t need to handle or understand dozens of different nutrients – aside from a single flowering nutrient, you will just add water! With a system this simple, we know that anyone can become a successful grower. Stealth Box will grow you 2-7 oz of organic cannabis each grow cycle – guaranteed!*

Start growing the easy way!

first round is on the house!

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