Eating A “Nug A Day” Will Keep Heart Attacks And Strokes Away

Eating A "Nug A Day" Will Keep Heart Attacks And Strokes Away

Most medical marijuana patients already know that raw cannabis contains THCA and CBDA, which remain ineffective alkaloids until heated. In order to activate the THC and CBD cannabinoids they must be heated, which in turn produces the “high.”

This is the reason that most recreational pot smokers prefer to smoke or vaporize their marijuana. When one consumes unheated cannabinoids by eating or juicing the raw cannabis, there is no “high” to speak of. Sipping fresh-squeezed marijuana juice (think… wheat grass) or ingesting raw cannabis as a green leafy salad is rapidly attracting a lot of attention within the medical marijuana community for mmj patients that seek the natural health benefits of the pot plants cannabinoids… without the unwanted high.

For most of his adult life, the magical hands and razor sharp mind of Dr. Dave Allen helped the hearts of many sick and dying cardiovascular patients. As a heart surgeon; the good doctor knows just a little something about heart attacks and strokes. Such as, they’re tremendously difficult to bounce back from, and just enduring the aftermath can entail many social and financial problems.

While some people are on a daily dose of aspirin to lower the severity of problems after a heart attack or stroke, Allen said marijuana is a better alternative.

“Eat a bud a day will keep the stroke away,” Allen said. “No other medicine made by man can help in this manner.”

The scientific evidence of the marijuana plants helpful cannbinoids is found in a patent assigned to the US Department of Health and Human Services. According to Dr. Allen, while the marijuana study was performed on rats and not humans. The patent studies indicate that the rats which consumed cannabis reduced the size and likelihood of a stroke by 50 percent.  And should a stroke occur their brains damage was diminished by as much as half.

While the results maybe promising… the one big issue here is that these marijuana studies have never been conducted on people (at least not under scientific conditions.)  The next big question will be, at what level we find the proper dosage.

As it stands, the current belief is that the more marijuana you eat, the more of a defense you’ll have. The thing to remember here is that by eating raw cannabis you will only receive the medicinal affect and not the high. If you fear being intoxicated, don’t worry it won’t happen. Remember – because the weed will be eaten raw, and not fired up in a bong or pipe there will be no psycho-active ingredients available.