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edipure dried pineapples seeds

Edipure dried pineapples seeds

If you’re watching your weight, have dietary restrictions or don’t like anything too sweet, typical edible options are limited. This can be especially frustrating if they’re your preferred method or only option.

Not to worry because we’ve hand-picked nearly twenty brands creating some of the healthiest, most unique edibles on the market. Find out which products meet your specific needs!

Edipure dried pineapples seeds

For all of the runners out there who are curious about cannabis consumption, you’re not alone — I know plenty of runners who are fast, fit, and canna-friendly (I’m pretty sure most elite trail runners are no stranger to the product), and neither their health nor their training has been compromised. Here are some ways you can utilize cannabis while you train.

1. Energetic strains pre-run can give you a little pick-me-up

This article was originally published as “5 Ways Runners Can Incorporate Cannabis into Their Training.” For this and more articles on cannabis news and culture, visit Leafly News.

4. Need to quell your post-run gut woes? There’s a strain for that!

Is your booty aching from hill repeats? Quads burning thanks to those long descents? Calves tight from a high-mileage week? If your legs are begging for mercy after an especially punishing run, a cannabis-infused topical can help soothe your tired muscles. Although you may feel a tingle in the spot where you apply it, topicals are non-psychoactive so you won’t get high from using them. The cannabinoids infused into them are great for easing pain, soreness, and inflammation.

Edipure dried pineapples seeds

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