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elon musky seeds

Elon musky seeds

Should your invention be selected, not only will you receive enough resources to cover roughly 325 square meters of dirt, but you’ll be joining a community.

I’m calling for the world’s greatest and worst product builders to pitch me directly on Twitter. One week from today, I will select the best three submissions and their respective creators to receive an early stage investment of five million seedlings of Kentucky Bluegrass in exchange for 0% of their company.

With that in mind, I’m mildly excited to share that I’m opening up my wallet and investing in all of you through the Bored Elon Seed Fund.

Example Pitch: “Coffee cup lids that change color when you’ve ACTUALLY sealed them.”

Every single day, I receive emails from people asking for help with their inventions and products. I typically ignore these requests because I’m very busy building extremely unnecessary technologies that temporarily alleviate my boredom. But I’ve come to realize that I’m just one human and I can only scale my time and knowledge so much. It’s time to give back to the universe.

Elon musky seeds

The International Panel on Climate Change has predicted that by mid-century “the world will reach a threshold of global warming beyond which current agricultural practices can no longer support large human civilisations.” The operative phrase here is current agricultural practices.

Musk could buy each of them a 43-cent meal per person per day, which over 365 days amounts to a cost of $6.6 billion. That intervention would hardly solve world hunger, but near term, it would save many lives.

Investors also need to back natural climate solutions, including silvopasture and regenerative farming practices that can improve farmland’s capacity for storing carbon. They should also fund growing private-sector markets paying farmers to sequester carbon.

In his recent comments at COP26, Beasley stressed the impact of climate change. Heat and drought, along with flooding, superstorms, invasive insects, shifting seasons and bacterial blights are bearing down on farmers, who have also shouldered the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If Elon Musk does not want to plough $6 billion into emergency aid, perhaps he will cash out his Tesla stock to invest in climate-smart innovations that hold tremendous longer-term promise for food security

I have embedded with World Food Program personnel as they staved off famine in Ethiopia and understand why this organisation was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year: It helps populations survive food-system collapse. To keep saving lives, the World Food Program must invest not just in food rations, but in more sophisticated supply-chain management, storage facilities, road and bridge-building for more efficient aid distribution, and, crucially, satellite monitoring and in-field communications technology to track levels of risk.

All told, the number of undernourished people worldwide rose from 650 million people in 2020 to 810 million people today, WFP’s chief economist, Arif Hussain, told me — a surge of 150 million in a year.

Musk should especially consider funding two areas that are as crucial to smallholder farmers as to large-scale agribusiness: smart seeds and a drought-proof water supply. Advanced breeding and gene-editing tools like CRISPR can cut the time needed to develop new climate-resilient crop varietals to less than a year, whereas traditional breeding methods can take eight times that long.

Yet it is no longer true that if you teach people to fish, they will eat for a lifetime. In a warming world — especially in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Sudan, Yemen and other countries facing famine ­— there are simply fewer fish to eat along with shrinking habitats.

In the coming decades, what we eat and how we grow it will change radically, and we need everyone on board — the UN and Elon Musk alike — to fund the shift to sustainability.

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