Emergence Of Pot Tourism With The Implementation Of New Laws

Emergence Of Pot Tourism With The Implementation Of New Laws

Washington and Colorado, with the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults is going toward a new pot tourism culture; the society, and the recent activities shows that everyone is welcoming it.

Even though the support for marijuana for recreational use is not fully consented by the federal authorities, the “ganjapreneurs” are finding a new way to market the marijuana tourism within these states. A very recent statistics report showed that Washington State has the potential to earn up to 180 million US dollars as tax revenue on a yearly basis from harvesting cannabis and its sale. This statistics only includes those sales done through retail pot shops. The revenue will be on a rising high if the earnings from the marijuana related cottage industries are to be considered.

Travel Guru Arthur Former has opined that a “torrent of new tourism to Seattle and Denver” will flourish because of the legalization of marijuana. Moreover, he added that both of these cities are the hot destinations for pot tourism for the current year. In the wake of this, many nations round the globe including British Columbia, New Zealand and many other US states wonder if they could also find financing reserves with pot tourism.

Implementation of New laws

The prevailing law in Washington says that residents above the age of 21 have the right to own up to an ounce of cannabis along with a pound of “a solid marijuana-infused product such as peanut butter fudge brownies or 72 ounce of infused liquid like tea”. However, in “Marijwhatnow? A guide to legal marijuana use in Seattle “describes that public puffing is illegal”.

Even though Washington has given its consent for the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, buying and selling of marijuana is illegal until December. They have to wait for the consent of the State Liquor control Board. State Liquor control Board had given the licensing and enforcement rules on using marijuana. Drivers can be detained on charges of using over and above 5 nanograms of THC, a psycho active ingredient in marijuana. The police have given out the rules that say harvesting cannabis is still illegal as per the federal law.

However, many people have the opinion that the promotion of pot tourism will add to the bad reputation and will end up ruining the cities’ reputation. This may eventually lead to illegal activities. However, the present situation of state and federal laws discord leaves things in a deadlock.