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enemy of the state seeds

Enemy of the state seeds

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Most short blooming time of maximum 8 weeks. Who hasn’t heard of Top 44 and Victory, famous names from the late 80’s, begin 90’s. Genetically a very strong kind which passes a big percentage of her properties to a crossing. Later on she is used for the musky taste and stoned effect. This plant is the mother of the legendary Amnesia. De growth is slower, that’s why she needs time to grow into a little crop. Indoor this must be taken into account. Enemy of the State is also very suitable for outdoor growing. Because of the slow growth, she will have a height of 1,5 meters in the end. One plant per square meter is enough, if you sow in May. With the musky taste and strong stone which decreases, a real recommendation.

Enemy Of The State Cannabis Seeds from Super Strains

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Enemy Of The State Cannabis Seed Stats

Enemy of the state seeds

Outdoors, you’ll need to plant this baby as soon as possible due to how long it takes to grow. It won’t get too tall, allowing you to grow it without being seen by nosy prying eyes, where other strains might call too much attention to themselves. It should be ready for harvest towards the end of September, getting up to 800g per plant.

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Enemy of The State by Super Strains is a strain with some extremely high THC levels, as well as large resin yield; this combination makes it perfect for making BHO extracts.

Enemy of The State by Super Strains is a potent indica strain that develops strongly in any medium, growing compact plants with lots of branches regardless of where you plant it. Its high resistance makes it the perfect option for growers with little experience, as it will deal with a lot of novice mistakes without losing quality or yield.

Growing Enemy of The State Outdoors

Indoors, this plant requires a long vegetation period, as it grows at quite a slow pace, focusing on widening and fattening its structure. With just 9 plants per square meter you can fill out your grow area thanks to its dense foliage and thick branches. It takes just 55 days to flower, making back some of that time spent vegging, giving yields of up to 500g per square meter.

It has dense smoke and gives almost purely sweet flavors with some musky undertones in the aftertaste. It offers a relaxing effect, capable of KO-ing even the most experienced of smokers, as it can alter both physical and mental states.

Enemy of The State Indoors

Its scent is spicy with a certain sharpness in the background. The taste is rather musky like many indicas with some fruit in evidence. The smoke is very dense and richly-flavoured delivering a really stoned effect without becoming couch-lock or zombie-like. THC production is approximately 21%.

Enemy of the State is an old-school indica strain dating from way back. It produces good yields, high levels of THC and rich, thick smoke. It was one of the original breeding plants that resulted in the legendary Amnesia, cannabis cup-winner extraordinaire. Suitable for all levels of grower.

Enemy of the State boasts fast flowering times and good resistance to a variety of plant pests and even mould. It can be grown in all environments, indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. Its height is between 100 – 150 cm. depending on pot size and conditions. Indoors flowering will take a period of 8 weeks with yields around 500 gr/m 2 . Plants grown outdoors will be ready at the end of September in northern latitudes. These plants are strong, consistent and very reliable.

Therapeutically it is said to be good for pain relief as well as for stress.