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equipment needed for growing weed indoors

Equipment needed for growing weed indoors

When growing hydroponically, your plant’s roots are directly exposed to your nutrient solution and small fluctuations in strength levels can have a huge impact on the growth of your plants.

If you’re growing indoors a good grow tent is highly advisable.

Get your pH wrong and your plants will suffer severe malnutrition and it will be very hard to save a crop of prolonged cases of malnutrition.

Your filter should be the same or close to the CFM rating of your exhaust fan.

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But most of the nutrients will already be in your soil, and you might even overfeed your plants by adding extra nutrients.

Even though I absolutely LOVE the smell of weed…

For example, one study that compared THC-percentages of different-grown cannabis in New Zealand found that indoor-grown cannabis had significantly higher THC-concentrations than outdoor-grown cannabis (1).

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But if you’re a beginner, getting a grow tent will save you loads of time and effort.

But if you go for a DIY light, you will definitely need a way to hang your lights.

Equipment needed for growing weed indoors

It is simple to grow and it grows fast. Like a weed.

Required for Growing Cannabis

It does not include other useful tools that you don’t need, but that could make your life easier. We do have a few other articles that cover some of those things though.

Book Or Course On Growing (Optional, But Available Free)

Once the plant has outgrown the cup, transplant it into a larger pot ( 2 or 3-gallon), and keep moving it to a larger pot when it is ready. This ensures faster growth.