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equipment needed to grow cannabis indoors

Equipment needed to grow cannabis indoors

Cultivating your own cannabis comes with many benefits including saving money and being able to control what goes into your cannabis. Cannabis cultivation is a truly fun hobby because the cannabis plant is so beautiful and grows relatively quickly compared to other crops.

Hydroponic vs. Soil

Also, obviously, personal preference is a big factor. If you have a particular strain that you know you can acquire, you know that you love it, and you really want to cultivate it, then trust that you can always manipulate the plant to being smaller by ‘topping’ the plant, bending the branches in a certain direction (to some extent), and shortening the time that the plant(s) are in the vegetative stage.

Bugs, Disease, Bells, & Whistles

Mounting lights is something that is often overlooked when it comes to indoor cannabis gardens. Many indoor cultivators don’t even think about it until the room is built, however, it’s something that needs to be thought about methodically. Typically, one grow light for every 4 square feet of a garden is recommended. Make sure that you have strong studs or beams to accommodate the hooks that the lights will hang from. Cultivators will need plug-in timers to control when their indoor lights go on and off, and possibly some extension power cords depending on the size of the room and where plug-ins are located.

Equipment needed to grow cannabis indoors

I’d save myself the hassle and just avoid them at this point, unless you already have experience in growing with HID. In that case, I say “why change what’s working?”, but I doubt anyone with a lot of experience is reading this article anyway.

In terms of how much light to get, a good rule of thumb is to get a minimum of 50 watts of lighting power per square foot of canopy. Better, shoot for 65 watts.

You can certainly make your own soil mix, but I feel it is not worth the trouble. Perhaps it is something to look into down the road, but for now, I’d just go with a pre-made soil mix.

Grow Lights

But it would not deliver a very impressive yield. And that is the reason for all the equipment and all the details.

To grow weed indoors, you’ll want an enclosed space that allows you to control the environment and also to keep out prying eyes and other pests (even if it is legal, the fewer people who know you are growing, the better; theft is unfortunately all too common).

LED Grow Light And Timer Recommendation

If you are thinking about fluorescent lights, they may make sense for a very small grow of a plant or two. Anything larger than that and you would need too many bulbs.

The next big decision you need to make is whether you will grow in soil or soil-less.