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espresso seeds

Milk Jugs
400ml for one / 600ml for two. The aim is to steam the exact amount of milk you require. Keep it fresh and clean!

Used to compress ground coffee evenly for a quality extraction.

Should be to the gram. Used to weigh the dose and shot weight to achieve consistent results.

The Grinder
Arguably the most important aspect of brewing espresso. The goal is to create the right grind size in order to extract enough out of the coffee without extracting the undesirable flavour compounds. The better the grinder, the more uniform the particles = more consistent brewing and the ability to extract more or the good stuff without getting more of the bad stuff.

The Espresso Machine
Is fundamentally a water delivery system. A good machine delivers water at a stable pressure and temperature.

These come in various sizes to accommodate the desired coffee dose and to allow water to pass evenly through a bed of coffee.

Houses the basket that holds your prepared coffee puck ready for extraction.

Optional. It is used to monitor milk temperature – 62 to 65 degrees.

PROFILE: Seven Seeds’ design their seasonal house espresso blend to present a sweet and delicate, sometimes floral and always clean extraction. They source coffees to meet the intent to highlight good acidity, clarity and sweetness. Delicious served black and paired with milk.

COMPONENTS: 66.6% Campamento Alto, Guatemala | 33.3% San Sebastian, Colombia

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