ETHOS Genetics Review

ETHOS Genetics Review

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ETHOS is about creating the best genetics and selling the best seeds. Period.

Our line of seeds are bred specifically to maximize quality and yield. We are all about quality.

The ETHOS mission is to change the culture in the Cannabis seed cultivation and selling industry. We take our growing seriously. We use science and data, apply the best practices, make the most effective combinations and produce cup winning seeds time and again.

Our ethos is about raising the game, sharing our expertise and selling you the best possible product.

3 thoughts on “ETHOS Genetics Review”

  1. Malberry is a indica/sativa hybrid based on the Afropips Seeds’ Malawi Gold.

  2. 7 Dwarfs Marijuana Seedbank presents Goliath. Just as all 7 Dwarfs pot strains are, its an autoflowering cannabis seed. Goliath is a new strain via the 7 Dwarfs Seedbank which is developed by utilizing the best genetics from Lowryder & Plant Power. 7 Dwarfs Seeds are classified as the latest edition towards the ‘auto-seed’ community, and therefore are thus the most recent collectable for those serious marijuana enthusiasts.

  3. An early Californian strain mixed using the Skunk #1, incredibly homogenous fast maturing variety, suitably to culticare outdoors in numerous temperate regions. A colossal proportion of the plants trigger into flower at the smallest reduction of photoperiod. Haley’s Comet features a sweet pungent smell and taste with a nicely balanced physical/cerebral high. High yielding and simple to grow.