Eva Seeds Review

Eva Seeds Review

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Eva Female Seeds is born with the spirit to bring feminized seeds to the cultivators of cannabis. Easy culture, good production and a reasonable price, and to the experienced cultivators, the opportunity to work with unique varieties with exquisite aromas and power. Varieties are selected by its flavor, production and quality. In summary, perfect for any cultivator.

3 thoughts on “Eva Seeds Review”

  1. Sweet White Malawi is seen as a formidable sativa / indica strain centered on the specially psychoactive Afropips Malaki line (Malawi x White Russian), mixed and sweetened with Sweet Tooth #3.

  2. NL5 x Haze (1994 Cannabis Cup winner). An astounding sativa. An extremely tall plant along with vigorous growth. Sour and fruity sweet smell. This hybrid will be the height of achievement in cannabis breeding. An incredibly potent plant having an exponential sativa high. Hybrid vigour delivers lush horny growth, high quality bud formation and lashings of resin. Test out 5 x 5 right now and truly experience as though you have a spare wheel. An undulating, wild off-road journey.

  3. Dready Berry is an F1 hybrid of Blueberry and White Widow. It is a Sativa – Indica blend with Indica in dominance.