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evergreen weed feed and seed

Evergreen weed feed and seed

Obelixx Vendée, Western France Posts: 26,905

I’d leave it a little while longer before re-seeding . this is because the 4 in 1 type applications often contain a pre-emergent treatment which prevents any seed from germinating – you’ll see here that Rolawn recommend a gap of at least four weeks.

Dovefromabove Central Norfolk UK Posts: 74,595

You said you had mostly weed and not much grass. These 4 in 1 feeds will have killed the weeds, which will normally mean you have patches and space between grass. But, you can rake over the areas to lift the thatch. This usually stimulates growth of grass. But because I can’t see what the patch looks like now, it’s hard to say if it’s worth putting new seed down or wait after raking over. It sounds like you only need to do patches here and there. Feeding a lawn is just one part of the job. Having grass can take up 70% of your time. It’s on-going and never ending. And that’s just cutting it.


Thank you in advance

Hi, 3 weeks my gardener put down Evergreen 4 in 1 lawn feed. I trusted him. I had mostly had weed not much grass but at least I had someone green to look at! Now I have a big patch of soil. I trusted my gardener when he said the treatment would kill weed and make new grass.

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Evergreen weed feed and seed

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4 in 1 is the No.1 selling grass care product in the UK, trusted by thousands of gardeners over generations. It’s all you need to protect and feed your grass for a thicker, healthier lawn in no time.

Thicker and greener grass

A1: After applying this product in accordance with the label instructions keep children and pets away from treated areas until the granules have been watered in thoroughly and the area has dried.


If no rain falls within 2 days, water the lawn thoroughly so that the lawn food starts to work.

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4-in-1 contains WaterSmart™, a formula which helps protect against heat, drought and other stresses. Making your lawn more durable no matter the weather.

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