Everyone Does It Seedbank Review

Everyone Does It Seedbank Review

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EveryoneDoesIt.com is certainly one of the more interesting online head shops found on the internet. EveryoneDoesIt.com was originally established in the year 2000 and has risen greatly in popularity. The expansiveness of its website demonstrates why this is so. You could call it the most comprehensive of all online head shops on the internet.The fact that it is running a contest where you can “Find a Gangster and Win a Bong” definitely helps it stand out from the crowd. Prominently featured advertisements for uniquely colored theatrical contact lenses also contribute to the eye-catching nature of this London based business’s brilliant website design. The bold proclamation that the site is the largest online head shop is another attention grabber.

All of these things are well and good and do set the online shop apart from other competitors. However, most consumers will not be looking for contests and novelty items. They will be looking for merchandise. Does EveryoneDoesIt.com offer a wide range of merchandise that is easy to purchase? Is the company’s customer service of a high level? Most will agree the answer is yes on all counts. There are quite a number of sellers on the internet offering similar products. Very few of them can reach the levels of grand selections and hard to find merchandise that this seller offers. That is not an exaggeration as this is one of the most impressive websites. Medical marijuana patients will immediately be attracted to it.

The design of the website is excellent as it allows visitors to easily browse the many different categories and selections offered on the site. This is not a minor benefit. No one likes to land on a consumer website and find it impossible to navigate. With EveryoneDoesIt.com, visitors will definitely not have such a problem. All the links to the various subpages on the site are clearly displayed at the top header and on the left side margin. No matter what you are looking for, you can find the link to the page for it. You might not even need to visit a subpage. There is a tremendous display of merchandise offered on the homepage as well. Visitors will also notice the prices for the merchandise are quite fair and no one will be forced to overpay for the items they are interested in.


  • The customer service offered by this site is among the most efficient you will find online
  • The inventory of products sold through the site is quite vast
  • Free gifts are available for orders over $25. Consider that another unique offering from this site.


  • Your geographic areas will play a role in whether or not merchandise can be shipped to you
  • The business is located in London so you may have to navigate UK time zones when contacting customer service

So, what can you purchase from EveryoneDoesIt.com? The amount of merchandise is quite stunning. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it on this site. Here is a very brief look at the main items for sale:

For those that need to light up, there are water bongs, smoking pipes, and rolling paper and blunts. The selection of these products is not limited in the least bit. The inventory of water bongs is around 1,057 items with the lowest priced bong being 55 cents! Almost 400 smoking pipes are available and they are offered at various price ranges. The diversity of rolling papers is equally impressive. So, no matter what you wish to use to light up you can feel confident you can find a quality product at an affordable price.

Some might be a little averse to lighting anything up. They might not be too fond of a lot of smoke in their system. Never fear, this site is home to a huge selection of vaporizers as well. With a vaporizer, you can heat contents as opposed to literally lighting them on fire. EveryoneDoesIt.com offers slightly over 100 vaporizer models meaning it is rather easy to find one that best appeals to your needs and budget. From standard vaporizers to highly sophisticated vaporizers to simple pipe vaporizers, you can find what you are looking for in this site’s inventory. You also can match the vaporizer you need to your budgets which is another major benefit. When you are limited to a particular small inventory, it becomes difficult to budget your purchases. With the wide range of items offered on this site, budgeting becomes much easier and access to a diversity of merchandise is never sacrificed either.

The site also offers a wide range of cannabis seeds. The site mentions that it only acquires cannabis seeds from the top marijuana seed banks in the world. A brief look at the inventory on the company’s website reveals a great many different seed varieties for sale.

There is also a significant inventory under the category of legal highs. These are mostly herbal pills that are designed to deliver energy and aphrodisiac qualities. Per the site, all the products listed on the “Legal High” page are completely legal in the UK. The selection in this inventory, however, is not as diverse as other categories on the site.

Scores of different smoking accessories ranging from ashtrays to lighters to scales to tins and boxes can all be purchased through the site. You could say this is the “one stop shopping” of online head shops. No matter what a customer may be looking for, this site likely has it.

Customers may find the inventory appealing but they will have questions and concerns regarding shipping. This is a business that offers global worldwide shipping. Same day dispatch is available to all orders purchased prior to 4:20 PM London time. Payments are accepted in UK pound and can be made via credit or debit card purchase through the website’s secure shopping cart. You will need to register with the site to make purchases through it. Snail mail purchases are also possibly by sending payment and order information to the company’s business address. EveryoneDoesIt.com puts a great deal of emphasis on customer service. If there are any questions or concerns about an order, a support ticket can be opened through the website. A timely response will be forthcoming. Usually, a response takes no more than 24 hours. The company can also be contacted directly at the phone number made available on the site.

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