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fast and vast seeds

Fast and vast seeds

Grew in my veg tent under a 400w hps that was consistently flipped between 200 to 300 to 400. I have grown other autos in the same setting and the same container size, but this one stood out from the crowd.

Secondly, it yeilded much less than other autos in the exact same environment. The claim of this plant being "vast" isn’t really true. It grew less branches, and smaller ones, than other autos I have grown. Even other Heavyweight autos. If they mean the effect is "vast", well, that would also be erroneous. It is no better than what you would get on the street, if not worse, due to the horrible taste it literally leaves in my mouth and mind as well as the figurative bad taste due to wasting 84 days.

Map of the Fast & Vast Family Tree

GENETICS: Afghani x Skunk x White Dwarf
TYPE: Indica 80%, Sativa 20%
CBD: 0.8%
THC: 17-19%
FLOWERING TIME: Autoflowering
HARVEST TIME: Approximately 8 weeks from germination
HEIGHT: 100m-120cm
INDOOR YIELD: 600-800gr/m2
OUTDOOR YIELD: 75-200g per plant

Third of all, it’s name is "Fast and Vast" so you would think it’s quick, right? Nope. It took me 84 days. I have seen good Mephisto plants finish up in 65 days or less. Kinda nuts to wait that long for crap that smells like crap.

Map of the Fast & Vast Descendants

Another great strain from Heavyweight,find this one very skunky though, very smelly even when grown fully organic. But as with all other Heavyweight strains yet to grow one in 56 days. The average I get is 70 days, but the quality and yield is like no other. I am a massive fan of Heavyweight seeds, not for the speed but for their yields, they are with out a doubt the highest yields yet from an Auto, and again I find this strain alot stronger than their 18% THC content as advertised, this one is definitely wellover 20%. My advice is expect to grow them for 70 to 77 days and you will have a great yield with the best quality. This variety is fast and vast for what you get but not in 56 days. But for me quality is more important and heavyweight definitely has that.

Fast and vast seeds


2 Fast 2 Vast autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds from the legends over at Heavyweight Seeds are an absolute knockout when it comes to a heavy-hitting strain of Indica. The performance from this cannabis seed is absolutely legendary and maybe a little too fast and toofurious for some of you. Heavy Indica strains such as 2 Fast 2 Vast are known to produce a condition referred to as couchlock. If you’re looking for fire ass grass that might just knock you on your ass then this shit is legit! This heavy hitting 80% dominant Indica cannabis strain is one you will want to acquire for your collection. Lucky for you Heavyweight Seeds 2 Fast 2 Vast is available any time you shop for cannabis seeds online at Ice Headshop.

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2 Fast 2 Vast autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds have an average flowering time of 55 to 60 days. In as little as six weeks you will have an amazing crop of potent pungent sticky icky resin drenched buds of joy. Indoor growers see impressive results that blow their mind each and every time with an average yield of 600 – 800 grams per square meter or better from the sea of green. Outdoor growers see that much per plant if they are experienced. Even an inexperienced grower that is just getting started can pull more than a hundred and fifty grams off of each one of these lovely ladies outdoors.

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Fast and vast seeds

Don’t expect Fast and Vast to perform like any ordinary auto, for this is no ordinary auto, it’s a Heavyweight Auto!

R Mc
This company is awesome. I looked everywhere for these collectables seeds and they had it. It was s.

Fast and Vast Auto Cannabis Seeds from Heavyweight Seeds

just germinated my 5 seeds from Popular Seeds with 100% germinasjon 🙂 tanks 4 the way you treat the.

Fast and Vast Auto Cannabis Seed Stats

If you’re looking for maximum yields and maximum potency in an autoflowering strain then look no further. Fast was the first hurdle for Heavyweight, taking a sturdy white dwarf and crossing it with an auto skunk that would reach its full potential in 7 careful weeks, and then the Vast came when further crossing with a powerful Afghani auto. Great care has been taken to ensure that the high yields are not at the expense of quality, the long thick buds covered in sparkling crystals produce a high quality soft and sweet smoke with spicy undertones. The effect is very fast and knock out, leading to a long relaxed stone.