FastBuds Review

FastBuds Review

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In a world of constant progress, here at Fast Buds, we understand it’s important to evolve with the world that is going faster and faster everyday. For this reason we have dedicated over 10 years of hard work on perfecting and refining our autoflowering genetics. After a decade of focusing on producing the highest quality, we believe we’ve created the new standard in autoflowering genetics.

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  1. This clone, named XVIII, is a phenomenal exhibition of the Pakistani workability. Developing such a true, distinctive hash plant indicates dealing having one of the fundamental characters from the Hindu Kush. In few words, X-18 just performs. Though the yield is regular at best, the plants show a traditional Paki stretch throughout the initial month of flowering. The old Paki blue is all about the aroma. In flower, it stinks of chorizo and cheese. The smell produces continuously along the flowering cycle, but it is continually incredibly pungent. The buds are heavy and rock hard, essentially crusted with resin, and remarkably uncomplicated to manicure. The odor of the herbal cannabis whenever completed and dried is definitely more acrid and citric, virtually acid. While the effects from the plants by the Hindu Kush are generally extremely medicinal, X-18 is able to place your head to spin. It includes a wonderfully balanced resin profile, however can easily sit with the smoker in varied ways (relaxed or brainstormed) counting on the individual and the scenarios.

  2. Tribal Vision from Afropips Seeds is a multi-hybrid based on Malberry line, crossed with Sweet Tooth #3, a Grapefruit line & blended with a Congo Nepalese.

  3. Super Skunk, Swiss sativa, Skunk, Northern Lights. An intense indica sensation that evolves in an enduring cerebral high. A unique taste and a really social effect. Indoor 9 weeks, having a yield of 700 to 800 gr/ sqm. Outdoor ready during early October over the equator, during early May within the Southern hemisphere. Yield as much as 900 gr/plant. Great resin production and extremely resistent to mold! Appropriate for rainy or humid areas.