Federal Gov Slams Synthetic Weed

Federal Gov Slams Synthetic Weed

It has been almost four months since there have been favorable amendments regarding the use and growth of marijuana in two of the US states – Colorado and Washington. Majority of the voters in the two states favored smoking weed effects, and legalizing marijuana for medical as well as recreational use. The Obama administration had expressed greater concern over legalizing marijuana in many of the states. With the latest federal law on marijuana use, the Obama administration claims that it would not interfere with the state laws on marijuana. However, the hidden truth is that the federal laws are powerful enough to slam the liberal state laws on marijuana, in case of a necessity. The present silence of the federal government on the latest developments and amendments on marijuana use in Colorado and Washington, seems to intrigue the media as well as the public.

If the Obama administration chooses to slam the homegrown marijuana industry with its tough federal laws, then there is no doubt that this would be a delight to the Mexican pot growers. Prior to making any change in the federal law on marijuana, the Obama administration is making a lurch towards illegalizing synthetic marijuana. Synthetic forms of marijuana are called spices in the US. Lethal chemical compounds such as UR-144, XLR11 and AKB48 are used as ingredients to make synthetic marijuana. Seemingly, all these components are listed under Schedule 1 narcotics (drugs which do not have medicinal values and are dangerous to public health). Surprisingly enough, natural marijuana is also listed under this.

A recent study conducted points out that people who smoke these components for intoxication and smoking weed effects, often become vulnerable if not addicted, and this has been identified as one of the major reasons for the repeated and numerous calls to poison control centers and emergency room visits. Use of synthetic marijuana poses lethal threats to the health, like loss of consciousness, elevated blood pressure, vomiting, agitation, irritability, tachycardia, hallucination and seizures.

Places like San Clemente shut down many shops which sell synthetic marijuana and other dangerous drugs. Quite recently, after the U.S. Senate passed laws that would ban synthetic marijuana, there have been numerous raids, and many shops were found with bulk of illegal drugs inside. The authorities have confiscated illegal drugs in several places.

The fed government has issued a clear warning to the public regarding the hazardous health effects that synthetic marijuana causes. Shoppers are also warned of the imminent penal measures that they would face if found in possession of the illegalized drugs.