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feit electric grow light weed

Feit electric grow light weed

Rated for high humidity, ideal for green house, horticulture and indoor gardening.

Accelerate indoor plant growth with energy-efficient Feit Electric LED Grow Light Bulb and fixtures. Our LED Grow Lights are ideal for greenhouse, horticulture, hydroponic or aquaponic planting and indoor gardening. It emits more light in the useful 450nm blue and 655 nm red spectrum than regular white LED bulb. Blue light promotes tall leafy plants and the red light encourages budding, flowering and fruiting. They operate cooler than HPS lamps to guard against leaf burn.

Suitable for high humidity use

Lasts up to 22 years or up to 25,000 hours

Blue light promotes tall leafy plants and red light encourages budding, flowering and fruiting.

Instant on to full brightness

Low heat emission / low energy consumption

Check compare on your favorite products to find a perfect product for your home

Indoor Sunlight

Newbie here. Have yet to make the first harvest.
I have 2 tents going: 2x4x5(veg) and 3x4x6(flowermother – combo).
You would think that I have tried to kill my first plants at every step of the way.
I have started to figure it out, mostly.

#TS1000: Veg 3’x3′, flower 2.5’x2.5′
Here are the main features for the #ts1000 :

the wattage can be adjusted by the driver.

hope the above information is good for you. for more information, welcome to contact us.


1) Quantum board design with the newest SMD tech. More durable and longer lifespan.
2) The light is white color and full spectrum. More similar to sunlight.
3) 30% higher light efficiency than the purple LED. Save 30% power bill.
4) PPE is 2.15 to 2.57umol/J. The plant can grow bigger and faster.
5) Max yield up to 2.5 g/W dried buds. Cost-effective: Very affordable for indoor growers.

Hello, Not trying to HiJack this thread.

Now to the question:
I have started a few clones from trimmings.
They are now becoming. well. real plants.


It all starts with a 24-inch design that covers an extensive area. That’s enough to place several plants at once below it.

Overall, you need to look for a grow light that lasts at least 20,000 hours of total use. This means no less than 2 years.

These lights will automate the different phases and types of light to ensure proper growth. For example, it will deliver Red light for 12 hours and shut off for the other 12. The same should happen with other phases as necessary. Automated cycles will save tons of time and effort.

Light Control

So don’t hesitate and pick the best cheap LED grow light from our list of reviews. For such a low price, you can’t go wrong.

Very few people consider LED strips ideal for growing plants. But the Roleadro LED strips are here to change that.

Luckily, we’ve brought a set of factors to consider if you’re ready to learn. Below, you’ll find these things to look for when buying a new grow light:

How to use a LED grow light?

There’s a lot more to enjoy from these bulbs, though. One of these features is the safe construction. Because they are LED lights, you won’t have to worry about setting them up indoors. Even if they break, there won’t be a thing to worry about.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy the super-dim lighting capacity. Without being too bright, the light will grow your plants and not produce any damaging effects around them. So it works wonders on indoor growing scenarios.