Female Seeds Review

Female Seeds Review

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We are the global leader providing 100% Feminized Marijuana Seeds shipped discretely worldwide. All our seeds will become female marijuana plants. You cannot smoke male marijuana plants and they will fertilize your female plants to produce seed, not buds. You only want female plants if you want to grow care free and have more useable plants from seed. Non feminized seeds have both male and female plants, so you actually save time and money using feminized seeds as your entire crop will be used for buds and you won’t have to throw away any useless male plants or female plants that turned to seed. If you grow outdoors, you don’t have to worry about “pulling male plants” weeks at a time which increase your security risks having to be “on site” often near harvest season.

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  1. Winner High Times Cannabis Cup 06′ Silver medal (Bio category). This bittersweet hybrid with big calyx to leaf proportion could be grown being a sea of green, or multi-branch plant. Large bracts amass on one another, creating good-looking trichome colas, many of the biggest buds ever seen. One experienced medical grower pleasantly calls Opium, the totem. Reared hydroponically and on coco, Opium carries out phenomenally in terms of manageability and strenuous growth. Opium’s smell and flavor are composed mostly of fruit. Most plants receive a creamy tropical punch flavor Opium is a regal plant, with extreme smoke from blast-off to landing. Opium will not abandon you crashing right on the cold floor at the conclusion of the ride. Her Sativa traditions registers in just almost every cell within your entire body, raising you up with an exceptional cerebral high detailed with visuals and racing prospects.

  2. DJ Short F13 is the Holy Grail plant of four-star brilliance. Previously unreleased, it’s a very appealing product and prospective breeder. Dj Short F13 is a largely sativa hybrid of mid-sized height with prolonged, spear-shaped, lustrous and resinous buds plus an earlier finish-time compared with most sativa. The superlative excellence of the finished item is remarkable: Its cannabis seeds develop a clean, clear, crisp head from the kindest order. This girl really rings the bell each time! Not for those couch-lock crowd. The F13 is seen as a heady sativa for individuals who truly enjoy its stimulative yet comfy appeal. DJ`s personal favorite out of this batch.