Flash Seeds Review

Flash Seeds Review

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Flash Seeds are the new quality seed bank and one in which you can trust. The Flash cannabis seed breeders are exclusively professional with several years of experience in autoflowering cannabis seeds. Flash Automatic Seeds are proud to provide our world with novel new Super Auto strains.

4 thoughts on “Flash Seeds Review”

  1. Reeferman Seeds Cambodian is anything but ordinary! Crossing to the Haze x Thai father tames the crazy sativa a small bit, devoid of sacrificing the spicy incense and psychedelic stone, black tea flavors belonging to the Cambodian jungle marijuana. Not really for the newbies that have little experience.

  2. Swiss Miss was at first bred within the Swiss Alps. A mixture of a really early skunk along with a hearty strain Nepal. Swiss Miss could endure cool high altitude nights. Swiss Miss is mold resistant and will withstand heavy nighttime condensation. This plant is ideal to cultivate where growing seasons are colder and shorter Swiss Miss is a light smoke accompanied by a pleasant skunky flavour.

  3. Shanti pertains to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace. She has a unique genetic character, different from all other Ministry of Cannabis strains.

  4. Introducing Jamaican OG cannabis seeds from the Cali Connection Seed Bank. Jamaican OG is the result of the JMC dad being used to pollenate the infamous Tahoe OG clone. The result of this amazing cross was this Sativa dominant Super-hybrid. Perfect for souvenir cannabis seed collectors the world over.