Florida Attorney Cultivates New Medical Marijuana Campaign

Florida Attorney Cultivates New Medical Marijuana Campaign

Celebrity personal injury lawyer John Morgan of Lake Mary and political strategist Ben Pollara of Miami will lead a new medical marijuana campaign in Florida.

Both of them have big political fundraisers, mostly for Democratic candidates, and now are turning their attention to an Orlando-based group called “People United for Medical Marijuana.”

“If not me then who?” Morgan stated in an email to Political Pulse, explaining why he was taking the issue. “It is time we allow sick and injured people to be treated with a plant made by God and to get off the Big Pharma pill for all that ails you. Man made drugs are addicting and kill”

Morgan, co-founder of the Morgan & Morgan law firm, is chairman of the group, and Pollara, a founding partner of LSN Partners, LLC, is treasurer, Kim Russell, founder and vice chair of the organization, stated in a message sent out to supporters.

“The team we are putting together have the expertise to get the job done right.  This is exactly what we have been working towards for four years,” Russell stated. ”God is hearing our prayers – keep up the good work!”

Morgan is someone who has hosted President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson among other big politicians for fundraisers.

Russell stated in his note that his group is backing two  medical marijuana bills in the Florida Legislature.  They are SB 1250: Medical Cannabis S.B. 1250, The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, introduced by state Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, and H.B. 1130, the Medical Marijuana Act, introduced by state Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Sunrise.

“These two pieces of legislation would provide access to a limited number of patients on October 31, 2013,” Russell stated.