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found a seed in my weed reddit

Found a seed in my weed reddit

I used to get mad when I found seeds in my bud but now it’s so rare that it’s almost like a little present. You get free weed because some flower jizz got on your bud you smoked.

Hope it's a female mate!

Once a female cannabis plant receives fertilization, it promotes seed development instead of flower and calyx development. You can still get good results, but it affects the final product. Essentially a non fertilized plant on average will produce more bud.

Been saving seeds for years in anticipation of legalization. This year is the year for my state!

Almost a present! When you think of how seeds are created it means that there was a male or hermaphrodite plant in or around the same grow space as the plant the nug came from.

Learned this when we got hermes. One herme can pollinate your entire room.

Found a seed in my weed reddit

press it between your fingers with a medium strength if it doesn't crack you're golden. I suggest germinating it before you put it in the ground.

Don't do this lol. Just put in a shot glass of water for 24-30 hours till you can tap on it and it sinks. Then put it between wet paper towels for a couple of days. Moist not wet. Cracking seeds is an old-timer way that proves nothing of viability. The tiger stripes tell more about the viability than pressing it with your fingers

Found a seed in my weed reddit

Great channels to get starter info. Tons of other great ones out there.

Also, YouTube is your best friend now.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i will be binging so many videos!! it’s gonna be a new part of my routine weather i like it or not. i wanna actually try with this plant

i found a seen in my weed and i put it in a wet napkin and let it sit in my window sill for like 3 days and it sprouted. i then transferred it to dirt and it’s only been 2 days and it’s already growing. it’s about 2-3 cm tall and it had 2 cute little leaves. i’ve never grown weed before. i used to have an aloe plant but i killed it… so please i need help. if anyone can help please do. i started it as a joke but now that’s it’s actually growing i kinda wanna see how far in the growing process i can get. currently i’m living with my parents so if there is a way to cover up the smell until i move out that would also be much appreciated 🙂 thank you reddit

I doubt there's a smell coming out of that seedling and it will be long until you can get some bud if you're using normal sunlight to grow it as you will have to wait till the sun sets in less than 12 hrs so it starts flowering, then depending on the strain of the seed, flowering can take from 30 to as long as 120 days to flower. If you know the soil you have is decent without anything that grows in it dying, then just keep watering every few days depending on soil moisture(this can be gaged by seeing if at one knuckle deep the soil is still moist (youre good for atleast a day). Always water only 2-4% of pot volume if not extremely dry. r/ourfirstgrow is a great page for some tips and knowledge. Hope it goes well and I see no reason other than stupidty for someone to disallow a plant that is literally present in nature to grow