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free weed seeds no purchase

Free weed seeds no purchase

Elliott’s store partnered with Virginia Marijuana Justice, which she said provided 500 packets of six seeds each, to gift them to those who were eligible. When asked about the requirement that gifting occur in a private setting — Elliott said the store was closed for the day and it was a private event.

She said people in line were blocking access to other businesses in the mall, so store employees took contact information for those in line and let them know when it was their turn to come into the store to collect their seeds.

SHORT PUMP, Va. — A free marijuana seed giveaway at a CBD Store on Lauderdale Drive in western Henrico County was temporarily shut down early Thursday due to the large crowds in line for a free marijuana plant seed giveaway.

Elliott said her store is there to help educate people about the ins and outs of the new laws and people can call the store to ask questions. She said they are also hosting an in-person/Facebook Live event about the new law.

“It’s a good first step,” Brown said.

As of July 1 in Virginia, along with a slew of other new laws, adults who are 21 or older can now possess up to an ounce of marijuana in public and grow up to four plants per household.

“Our goal here is to make sure people that are able to receive access to it, it’s legal. And people need it. And so we want to be able to help them get access to it,” added Elliott.

5. QCS (Quebec Cannabis Seeds) – Best for experienced growers

Use the filters when shopping to help narrow down which products are best. Regular shipping costs $10, express shipping is available at $30, and shipping is free on orders of over $300.

QCS has been supplying Canada and the rest of the world with great seeds for two decades, and their website has been active for 15 years. Choose from regular or special edition seeds, outdoor, indoor, feminized, autoflower, and much more.

This site is geared to users with experience and is one of the most trusted companies that ships to the US. Each year, growers can submit their crops in photo form to the “Photo Cup” competition.

Q: Is It Safe to Buy Seeds Online?

The website offers an entertaining quiz for consumers to find the best seeds for them. It includes details like weed preference and growing conditions. Not only is it a fun feature, but the quiz also helps beginners choose their seeds wisely.

Also on offer are seeds for warm and cool climates, outdoor and indoor growing, high CBD, high yielding, high THC concentration, and more. Included in the top strains on offer are Blueberry Autoflower, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and White Widow.

4. Seedsman – Best for specialized strains

Herbies Seeds is not a seed bank with a long history like the companies above, but they are still doing well with the services they provide. This seed bank has enough facilities to become the leading cannabis seed shop in the future.

The company offers promotions and free shipping on all orders in the US and EU. Tiger One ships to most of the countries in the world but they are more focused on US and EU customers.

In addition, ILGM offers a 100% germination guarantee so customers can receive replacement seeds for free. Besides, with every purchase of 10 weed seeds, customers will get 10 more free seeds. This is a huge offer as growers can save a decent amount.

#4 Herbies Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is an award-winning seed bank where customers can find top cannabis strains. This seed bank offers excellent customer service and hand-selected marijuana seeds.

Herbies Seeds offers free weed seeds for purchases that reach a certain amount. This certain amount will depend on their ongoing promotions. But usually, most customers get the seeds for free.

#5 Tiger One

Besides, Seedsman offers free shipping within Europe provided you spend a certain amount.

In addition to being able to choose from a selection of over 2,000 cannabis strains, customers will also enjoy free shipping when purchasing weed seeds directly at Gorilla Seed Bank. This seed bank will help customers save some money by not having to pay shipping fees for their orders.