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free weed seeds uk

Free weed seeds uk

The more you spend the more free seeds you’ll receive bundled in with your order.

Quantities and strains adjust with order size and value

Free Cannabis Seeds!

What’s more, our freebies are some of the most popular strains on the market provided by the most reputable manufacturers, so rest assured you won’t be disappointed!

When you shop at the London Seed Centre you are guaranteed a minimum of one free seed with every order.

Everybody loves freebies right?

Free weed seeds uk

Jerry – April 9, 2021

Isaac James (verified owner) – February 22, 2021

But, even if you consider the shipping cost as what you are paying for these cannabis seeds….that still comes out to less then a buck a seed….Cheapest weed seeds online!

Aww, my 1000’s order! Thanks for making a comment Danielle, I get alot of free seed orders and thought it might go that way…congrats.


judiecutie2002 – January 29, 2020

Hey is there a way to upload photos? I got 4 autos in the seeds 2 males 2 females. Have the females drying. They were fast coming on and finishing. Got a little under 1/4 ounce off each, while out of town for 3 weeks and no food or light changes ?-without trying ?-so imagine what you could get if you tried. There are many of the same looking plant and I wanted to send a photo ask if it is a strawberry. About 8 of them. They all have strong stalks and very very thin long pretty leaves. All are heavily leafed along the stem. They are very very pretty plants. I mean their leaves are no thicker than a magic marker and as long as a pencil on 6 week old plants. Very very pretty. Does that sound like seeds from your mother strawberry cough above? If so, what is she exactly? I?m going to have to consider that haze in there to flip them as have heard they go 200% at flip. THESE FREE SEEDS ARE A GREAT DEAL BUT BUY SOME STRAINS GUYS.

nicholas.asselin (verified owner) – December 30, 2020

50 reviews for Free Cannabis Seeds

Took only 3 days and I received my order. Even though I only got the minimum of 25, they all look healthy! Jerry did an amazing job with customer service and treated me as if I were his only customer. Will definitely order again!

chaconh8 (verified owner) – April 2, 2020

Here at we like giving away free seeds. Not only that, we like giving away seeds that our customers really want and that suits their cannabis seed collection.

The more you spend the more free seeds! Choose from the autoflowering bundle, the non-auto bundle or a mix of both.

*The order total is calculated after any discounts and less postage cost

Free cannabis seeds with every order at Dope Seeds!

We are now offering 3 different options for free seeds to our customers which are: