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free weed seeds usa

Free weed seeds usa

Quebec Cannabis Seeds stands by the quality of its seeds with a germination guarantee and assurance of expert packaging – the likes of which keeps the seeds fresh while hiding them in a DVD or card, for example.


Overall, what we liked about Beaver Seeds was the customer service telephone line, which is operated 24-7 and is even linked to a US location. When you’re nervously waiting for cannabis seeds to be shipped in the mail, having customer support to speak to is really helpful.

10. Marijuana Seeds NL – Best Free Seeds Deal

You can also get free basic stealth shipping or discounted guaranteed delivery free shipping when ordering packs of seeds. Suffice it to say that you’ll have plenty of cannabis seeds to go around.

Remember you can also check online reviews of the best cannabis seed bank brands and which companies excelled at safety, shipping time, guaranteed products, and best of all, the quality of the seeds themselves.

6. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Best Online Seed Banks Reputation

No, some seed banks have temporarily halted international shipping because of COVID, while others choose to only ship to the U.K., Europe, U.S. Australia, and New Zealand in order to avoid legal problems with countries with stricter cannabis laws.

You could send Bitcoin, Paypal funds, or even a money order through the mail and get your seed within a couple of weeks. Shipping is same-day and faster-than-average, with a dedicated customer support line.

Free weed seeds usa

A crypto account is effectively anonymous. You can own and control it without having to involve any third parties – this is why bitcoin transactions are difficult to trace.

There seems to be limited info about this Vancouver company’s payment options, though. This can be a pain, especially during checkout.

Most online seed banks encourage clients to pay using bitcoin. Some even give a discount for this payment option. It’s just that crypto transactions are difficult to trace.

Well, pot seeds are a cannabis product, just like edibles, flowers, and concentrates. And their legality varies from state to state. If you reside in a legal weed state (for recreational use), you can buy seeds within the state. And if your state is legalized for medical marijuana, you can buy cannabis seeds with a medical card.

What’s the Safest Way to Pay?

Now you know why hackers ask for bitcoin payments!

Don’t worry – we’ve done the heavy lifting, for you.

If these don’t, simply claim a refund – the company’s customer desk is open 24/7.

8. MSNL Seedbank – Top Seed Bank with Value for the Money

You get a whopping 20% off the buying price if you check out with bitcoin. And should you opt to pay with a credit/debit card, the charges will be under a non-obvious company name. Only you’ll incur an additional cost.

Experienced growers, where are you? Seedsman offers several different strains of high-quality cannabis seeds. They have an entire alphabetical list of these, just for your pick. And, yes, they include auto flowering, regular, and feminized seeds.

Free weed seeds usa

What Deals Does MJ Seeds Have?
• 10 free seeds on every order above $420
• Save up to 14% off normal prices on bulk orders.

But still, you can also find your feminized marijuana seeds, auto-flowering, regular and more seeds if you are the more regular grower that wants to stick to the classic cannabis seeds.

13. Marijuana Seeds NL – Great Online Seeds Bank for Free Seeds

We just wish they had more seed discounts. Still, you get an 80% germination guarantee and the seeds are shipped in unmarked boxes with toys, beads, phone cases, and more. If you are an inexperienced grower, you can use the blogs and germination guide for better success.

However, ILGM and Crop King Seeds tend to have faster and more affordable US delivery times. Usually, you’ll have your marijuana seeds at your doorstep within a week of ordering.

8. Mary Jane’s Garden – Most Straightforward Cannabis Seed Bank

• 4,400+ strains
• Satisfaction guarantee
• Loyalty program
• Multiple payment methods