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fresno county marijuana growing laws

Fresno county marijuana growing laws

Applications for standard cannabis operators are due by December 4th, while the city manager’s office is expected to award the first licenses to pot shops in early 2021.

The former El Torito restaurant downtown has been named as a potential site. Investors have also zeroed in on the area of Blackstone and Minarets. The former Bank of America in the Tower District has become an attractive location because of its vault.

According to Arias, several prime locations across the city have already been gobbled up by investors hoping to secure a license.

Fresno county marijuana growing laws

But, keep in mind, this prohibition is only for outdoor cannabis cultivation that is not “inside an accessory structure to a private residence.” Once again, as long as it’s inside something, it’s legal.

So, how can Fresno County apparently prohibit the state-sanctioned cultivation of cannabis for its residents over 21?

This whole marijuana marketplace and cannabis condition here in the Fresno area can get pretty damn complicated. I wanted to make sense of all of this so, I turned to the best: The Pot Brothers at Law – California’s award-winning marijuana business and criminal defense lawyers – brothers Craig and Marc Wasserman. I had seen their popular social media posts online ( They are something of celebrities in the cannabis community and known for their “no bullshit” approach to giving crucial legal advice. And, the brothers are the only marijuana attorneys that will publicly smoke cannabis and medicate. So, in addition to being legal sharpshooters, they’re intimately connected to the fight as well. According to their website, they “are on a journey to end Cannabis Prohibition and educate all U.S. Citizens about their constitutional rights when dealing with law enforcement.” So, I thought, what the hell, let me reach out to them and see if they even respond.

Cannafornication 2020

But, Central Valley county government officials have also taken clever advantage of the loopholes within this Act. It affords local governments the freedom to “enact and enforce reasonable regulations to reasonably regulate” how and even if residents can grow their voter-approved, California-sanctioned six cannabis plants.

With the passage of Prop 64, it became legal for Californians over 21 anywhere in the state to possess, process, transport, and even give away for free (to other adults over 21) up to an ounce of cannabis. And now, adults can cultivate up to six cannabis plants at their residence for personal use, too.

Happy New Year! They say hindsight is 2020, but so is our new year. As we usher in the “Roaring Twenties” of our 21st century, what can we say we have learned about the cannabis condition in our Central Valley communities?

But, another objection that the mayor had was with one of the new social equity components of the ordinance. The proposed law would’ve mandated social policy employee criteria for cannabis businesses that would require hiring former foster youths, veterans, or those convicted of a cannabis-related crime. The mayor felt that social equity cannabis business applicants would not be able to run their businesses as well as non-social equity applicants, citing the ordinance’s employee mandates as too demanding.

Fresno county marijuana growing laws

Medical marijuana cultivation is prohibited in all zone districts in the county.

C. “Medical marijuana” means marijuana used for medical purposes in accordance with California Health and Safety Code §§ 11362.7 et seq.

E. A “Medical marijuana collective” or “dispensary” means any operation, including a store-front facility or structure, mobile facility, or delivery service, wherein medical marijuana is made available, sold, offered for sale, given, distributed, traded, cultivated for, or otherwise provided to primary caregivers, and qualified patients, as defined by this chapter.

B. Each day a violation is allowed to continue and every violation of the chapter shall constitute a separate violation and shall be subject to all remedies.

10.60.050 – Dispensary as a prohibited use.

It is the purpose and intent of this chapter pursuant to Government Code § 25123(d) to immediately prohibit the large-scale cultivation of medical marijuana in order to preserve the public peace, health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Fresno County. Additionally, it is the purpose and intent of this chapter to continue in effect Fresno County’s prohibition of medical marijuana dispensaries and limitations on places where medical marijuana can be consumed.

Please note that the Fresno County cannabis ordinances and regulations described on this page only affect the cannabis businesses seeking to domicile or already domiciled within the unincorporated areas of the County of Fresno.

(Ord. No. 15-003, § 2, 2-24-2015)

Fresno County Ordinance Code Chapter 10.60 – MEDICAL MARIJUANA

Per Fresno County Interim Urgency Ordinance Code No. 17-001, the establishment or operation of a business engaged in commercial marijuana activity in all Zone Districts of the unincorporated territory of Fresno County is prohibited.

(Ord. No. 15-003, § 2, 2-24-2015)