From Mining Silver, To Mining Green: Globe Arizona Sprouts First Medical Marijuana Collective

From Mining Silver, To Mining Green: Globe Arizona Sprouts First Medical Marijuana Collective

The tiny little cash-strapped Arizona town of Globe is hot, dusty …and about to be righteously medicated with some chronic, locally grown marijuana – which is an interesting new twist considering Globe is also the county seat for this forgotten backwoods Arizona County. The city of 7,532 people has historically been dependent on a slightly less eco-friendly economic base, the mining industry. That however is about to change, thanks to the cultivation their newest member to the Chamber of Commerce – “Globe Farmacy.“

The paint is drying, the security cameras are hung, now all their waiting for is for the state tocome in and “dot their i’s… and cross there t’s”, as the highly anticipated medical marijuana dispensary in Globe is nearing completion. All involved are hoping to receive a clean bill of health from state inspectors in the near future.

As the anxious medical marijuana community awaits the arrival of this beacon of hope, Globe Farmacy’s owners, but tenders, cashiers and investors alike have all been hovering over the medical marijuana facilities, like expectant parents. Micromanaging every aspect of the collectives construction, as well as overseeing the required on-site cultivation facility, both of which will benefit the downtown Globe economy.

Councilman Desmond Baker said Globe Farmacy has been a cooperative partner from the start in this endeavor and shows a genuine belief in the success of this upcoming micro-industry. They have invested an abundance of both time and money to ensure a safe, secure, and professional business that will fit in with the landscape of Globe’s historic downtown district.

Baker told the Silver Belt that from the start both the City of Globe and Globe Farmacy have strived to go beyond meeting standards. Their goal, as Baker described it, is to not only be a secure medical marijuana pharmacy and grow facility, supplying other pharmacies in the state while creating well-paid, sustainable jobs, but to also serve as an example both state and even nation-wide