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frosty gelato seeds

Frosty gelato seeds

Weddingcake x frosty gelato has the the superb flavour of cookies combined with our pricewinning frosty gelato
The result is a very tastefull weed with a sweet and fresh smell.

Weddingcake x frosty gelato has the the superb flavour of cookies combined with our pricewinning frosty gelato
The result is a very tastefull weed with a sweet and fresh smell.
The strain is a big yielder with thc levels well over 25%
The plant structure is like a 50/50 hybrid, it gives you a medium tall and bushy plant
with a big main cola and heavy side branches covered in thc crystals.
Weddingcake x frosty Gelato is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (50% indica-50% sativa) created through a cross of the insanely delicious Frosty Gelato X Wedding Cake.
When it comes to insanely delicious flavors, Weddingcake x frosty Gelato has everything that you need and more.
This baby has a super sweet vanilla flavor with a lightly spicy yet totally smooth exhale.
The aroma is very earthy and pungent with a sweet and spicy vanilla overtone with a touch of herbs as the nugs are burned.
Weddingcake x frosty Gelato buds have popcorn-shaped olive green nugs with thin bright orange hairs and a coating of frosty tiny bright crystal trichomes with a gorgeous purple tint to them.
The Weddingcake x frosty Gelato high is definitely perfect for any lover out there, with highly arousing effects that will leave your whole body vibrating after just one toke.
You’ll feel a euphoric lift immediately upon exhale, filling your mind with relaxing happiness before its warming tendrils spread throughout the rest of your body
in tingly waves of pure bliss.

Frosty Gelato Strain Cannabis Seeds are a cross between the iconic Brain Damage strain, known for its 50-50 hybrid and high THC and CBD content, and the relaxing and sweet-tasting Gelato. The result was then re-crossed with Gelato to maximize the sweet flavor. This seed is from Grower’s Choice. Grower’s Choice is a breeder known for its unique experimentation with iconic strains. Their quality and years of experience make them one of the most trusted seed breeders in the cannabis industry.

Looking to add a fantastic cannabis seed to your collection? Frosty Gelato Cannabis Seeds are an iconic strain known for their sweet ice cream flavor. This is an indica hybrid strain that will make a great gift or souvenir for your friends or yourself!

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Nothing best describes the Wedding Cake X Frosty Gelato flavor as a warm, sweet, spiced vanilla flavor that lingers on the tongue for hours on end. Online user reports describe the smoke as creamy and clean, never too overwhelming to the tastebuds.
Buds from the Wedding Cake Frosty Gelato exude a captivating aroma akin to spiced cinnamon and creamy vanilla. The perfume emitted by the buds isn’t overly pungent, but it sure does leave senses craving stimulated and energized.

Wedding Cake x Frosty Gelato cannabis seeds bloom juicy sweet-smelling buds that ooze with sap-like resin. According to Grower’s Choice, breeders report these cannabis seeds to begin flowering within 8 weeks of planting. We must say that the Wedding Cake x Frosty Gelato cannabis seeds display some of the most beautiful buds. The deep green buds are coated in a sugary layer of trichomes giving the bud its frosted appearance, and overlaying the frosted trichomes is a dense layer of orange pistils that only serves to heighten the aesthetics of the bud.

Breeder reports and online forums show that the cannabis seeds from the Wedding Cake Gelato strain are ready for harvest around October. The yields are modest, often averaging from 650 to 750 grams/m2 (indoors). Cannabis seeds from this weed strain do best in warmer climates and are reasonably resistant to mold and mildew.

Although it is a feminized hybrid, the Wedding Cake Gelato weed seeds produce effects commonly associated with Indicas. But, as the strain has a reasonably high THC level (ranging from 21% to 25%), the effects are often potent and exhilarating. Various breeder reports and online forums describe the effects of the Wedding Cake Frosty Gelato as a near-instantaneous cerebral buzz with surges of euphoria and creativity. These characteristics, of course, stem from the cannabis seeds’ strong Sativa heritage. Over the course of a couple of minutes to an hour, the effects may evolve to a more arousing body-buzz. Reports say that the body-buzz almost feels like a life-changing experience! The creeping high comes as waves of warm tingles, leaving a person in a deeply meditative state.

Flavor Profile of Wedding Cake Gelato Weed Seeds

Wedding Cake x Frosty Gelato Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice