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full nelson seeds

Full nelson seeds

I just harvested my first plant and it was northern lights x willie nelson x Wilson, it’s curing rn can’t wait to find out how the nelson paired w an indica

I got some willie nelson on the street. maybe 7-8 years ago and it was one of the best sativa highs I've ever had. I've wanted to try this because of the genetics but don't want to be let down.

For me it’s SAGE by farm rx absolutley insane landrace sativa taste they captured and the effects are soaring as a bitch it’s amazing music

It was 16 yeah this picture was from a few days back my bad

This is gunning for golden goats top spot on my sativa list.

what's the thc% on this batch? The only time I saw this it was around 16%

golden goat is phenominal in my opinion. nothing like my experiences with sativas. have u had kind tree's cross of it with stardawg, golden nugget

They always have micro seeds but other than that Rythm buds are usually pretty tasty and good high

First time trying it and I was really impressed even with the low Thc. I’m not sure if it would cause anxiety cuz I am only sensitive to it if it’s too hyper focused and mind wanders this has a groovy feel very stare at the wall with mouth open for 2 minutes kinda high. Great if you’re kicking it in the back porch. Spacey but not gooned. Groovy is the best description lol I’m high

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The Full Nelson is an indica strain . It's origins are currently unknown in our system.

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