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gaswerx seeds

You have grown two cannabis-strains together? Or / And you can draw a direct comparison between two varieties? So please use our fast and easy Strain VS. Strain upload form – compare the main characteristics with only a few clicks – and help the next farmer finding similar strains (or totally different ones) for the future.

Here you can find info about the weather in your area – as like as good strains for specific climate zones. Including a Google-Maps- and Earth overlay, if you like to grow outdoors – check this out!

You have experiences with some medicinal qualities of a special cannabis-variety? Please use our new Medical Strain Finder and upload your dosages and the strength of the effect. It’s a simple formular – but it can help a lot! You also will find a list about all medical marijuana strains, ordered by medicicinal effects and dosage!

SeedFinder is collecting detailed cannabinoid profiles (thin-layer chromatography and gas chromatography tests from different sources). Here you find average values for THC, CBD and much more cannabinoids in the different kinds of cannabis. To find and order strains by this values please use the SeedFinder Strain-Wizard.

Strain vs. Strain

Our great strain-review function is able to normalize and show experiences and tips about single varieties and phenotypes. Here you can add your tips and meanings about the growth, the flowering-time, strength, effects and aroma if you have planted or enjoyed this variety. Also you will be able to add short tips about the growth – only by selecting some checkboxes. All the output will be (like all the others here) translated into german, english, french and spanish – your experience can maybe help farmers all around the world – indoors and outdoors!

The SeedFinder offers some worldwide unique capabilities to collect and standardize data on individual cannabis varieties. This makes it possible for us to present some crazy and unique comparison/similarity features and search ads – perfectly tailored to all sorts of possibilities. Let’s go, help us (and many other farmers and patients worldwide) with the expansion of our databases and save your experiences here with the help of the following research tools.

Climate Zones & Waether

Gaswerx seeds

Leafly is full of newshounds, pop culture aficionados, and social media nerds. Our senior financial analyst, Erica, made a 2020 memory with Space Queen that she’ll never forget.


Working at Leafly provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of weed. And while Leafly’s staff has spent most of 2020 working hard under unprecedented circumstances, they know which strains kept them going through a wild and crazy year.

Space Queen

“It smells exactly like the soft drink, Squirt. The sativa-hybrid effects are great for cleaning the kitchen and not knowing/caring you did. I grew some of my own and it was the most oily, terpy, and pretty of the bunch. Really vigorous, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant. Very versatile and approachable, but you can still get ripped. Added bonus: It’s good for date night with inviting notes of grapefruit and passionfruit.”

Gatekeeper OG is a hybrid strain, a sativa-dominant, bred as an effort to preserve the €œFarmer 12€ variant of OG Kush. This strain’s breeding methods consisted of crossing Sensi Star, Medicine Man, and OG Kush.

Flavor and Effects of Gatekeeper OG

This strain was backcrossed with OG Kush many more times until its earthy pine fragrance, and compelling effect variant is emphasized. The high springs with a cerebral head dash felt almost instantly after toking that moves you fiercely uplifted and motivated.

Medical Benefits of Gatekeeper OG

The adverse effects other than dry mouth and eyes are uncommon; however, remember that the majority of strains can cause anxiety or paranoia when using more than your tolerance level.