Genehtik Review

Genehtik Review

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Enjoy the fruits of your friendly neighbourhood seed bank! Genehtik are a great bunch of guys who have been working hard toiling in the fields and raking through the world’s finest genetic cannabis seed stock since the late 90’s to bring you a sumptuous feast of glorious cannabis seeds.

By working with amateurs and professionals as well as farmers and scientists, they have come up with a mind blowing group of cannabis seeds they are proud to present to you. When you check out what they have on offer below you will see from their great properties that all the hard work has been worth it.

Genehtik Seeds exceptional Super Silver Bilbo and Zuri Widow are just some of the strains they know you will really appreciate for their deep rooted genetic qualities.

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  1. Kilimanjaro, formerly known as Soma #1, certainly lives up to its name.

  2. Auto Pounder is the yield master of autoflowering strains. Its enormous harvests are similar to several standard non-autos. This might help it become an excellent option for virtually any commercial grower who does not generally think about autoflowering varieties however would adore the advantages an auto delivers. Auto Pounder was produced crossing our own high production Auto #1 along with two of the greatest yielding strains currently available: Sensi’s original Big Bud along with the incredible yielding Power Plant. Beneath the best conditions, Auto Pounder can generate nearly 1 pound (450g/m2) per square meter. Auto Pounder additionally keeps maximum taste that is both fairly sweet & fruity in combination with spectacular disease and pest resistance. To supply such large yields, Auto Pounder features a somewhat larger stature as compared to standard autos having a really high flower to leaf ratio and greater height, generally around 60-100cm. It’ll finish in as few as 70-80 days from seed. Auto Pounder is recognized as quite simple to grow and is an outstanding selection for novices in addition to more experienced growers.

  3. Early Haze Marijuana Seeds from the Mr Nice Seedbank is a cross between Early Queen and Afghan Haze this is a limited edition seed from the Mr Nice stable so get them whilst you can! Mr Nice sensi seeds are bred with obtaining only the finest seeds in mind. This is a limited edition cannabis seed that has a unique scent and flavor and due to its early finishing side has been a great influence on the practice of Haze hybrids. The Early Haze marijuana seed takes it’s genetic traits from Early Queen and Afghan Haze respectively, giving it the best properties from both.